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ART 5284 - Design Theory & Methods

Introduction to semiotic theory, communication theory, perceptual codes, human factors and visual rhetoric.


The Artstor Digital Library contains 2 million images from the world's museums, archives, libraries, scholars, and artists. Use the Digital Library to find images for papers, presentations, study, and more--there's also a handy set of tools allowing you to instantly download image citations and PowerPoint presentations!

Search Tips

  • Use quotations ("civil war") to search for exact phrases 
  • Geography always refers to a creator's country of birth, except for architecture/built environment images, which are based on geographic location
  • Use wildcards to broaden your search
    • Asterisk wildcard: trap* returns results for trap, trapping, trapper, trappist 
    • Question mark wildcard: advis?r returns results for adviser and advisor


Not sure what you are looking for? Browse images by:

  • Geography (Albania, China, United States)
  • Classification (photographs, architecture, paintings, science and technology)
  • Collection (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Panos Pictures)


Download Images

If you have a registered Artstor Digital Library account you can download images.

To download an image for a paper, open the image from your search results in the Image Viewer. In the lower right corner, click the disk icon (highlighted here in red). Accept the terms of use, and your image will begin to download.

Webinars: Learn everything you can do with the Artstor Digital Library in a free webinars, which are open to students as well as librarians, and faculty. All sessions are scheduled in Eastern Time (ET).

Support site: A fully searchable support site outlining all of the Artstor Digital Library's features, known issues, and technical alerts. Visit the site at

Training videos: View helpful training videos about registering for an account, using folders, and more.

Need a human? User Services is available between 9am and 6pm EST. 

Phone: 877.771.4908 (USA only), +1 212.500.2414
Twitter: @artstorhelp

User Manual