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ART 5284 - Design Theory & Methods

Introduction to semiotic theory, communication theory, perceptual codes, human factors and visual rhetoric.

Session Outline

  1. Introductions
  2. Preparing to Explore a Topic
    • Keywords, synonyms, related concepts
      • Thesaurus
    • Field of study, related disciplines
    • Historical and geographic context, places, and events
    • Interested groups authors, publishers, positions 
      • Who writes and publishes about the topic and why?
  3. Picking Relevant Databases to Search
    • Depth and breadth of topic (how many? how thorough?)
    • Types of documents
      • Scholarly articles, peer review
      • Books, book chapters (academic, professional, popular)
      • Reference, handbooks, and introductory material
      • Magazines and trade journals
      • Newspapers, newswires
      • Reports, data and statistics, data sets
      • Videos, images, music, media
      • Web sources, blogs, organization and government sites, position sites.
    • TIP: Ask a librarian! 
  4. Search Techniques
    • RATS - Read All The Screens
    • Fields
      • Keyword - any term in the author, titles, subjects, abstract, and, sometimes, full text
      • Author (Last, First; Organization name)
      • Source Title (Book or journal title)
      • Item Title (article, chapter, or report title)
      • Subject, Descriptors, Controlled Vocabulary
    • Search Syntax
    • Side Menu: Filter, Narrow, Expand
      • Full Text
      • Document Type
      • Language
      • Dates
      • Subject
      • Publisher or Journal Title
      • Database or Source
      • Advanced and Specialized options (study type, age group, Industry, etc.)
  5. Get Organized! Citing, Reusing, and Plugins
  6. More Help: 
  7. Demo and Exploration
    • Primo Search - All in one... well LOTS in one, search for articles, books, videos, images
    • ARTstor: Images and metadata from museum collections
    • Web of Science - cited reference searching
    • Primo Library Catalog - books, book, books... and more.
    • Other Database - over 400 databases of all types!
  8. Thank you!

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