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ART 5284 - Design Theory & Methods

Introduction to semiotic theory, communication theory, perceptual codes, human factors and visual rhetoric.

Web of Science

Cited reference searching allows you to see who cited a published book or article.

Looking at footnotes, you can follow research backwards in time to see what sources your article used.

Cited reference searching allows you to take research forwards by seeing who else cited the article.

Steps in citation searching:

Step 1:

  • Type in the author's name (omit commas)
  • Select the cited work (journal source) you want to search 
  • Select the citation years you want to search
    • Limit to possible years to avoid irrelevant results

 Step 2:

  • Select the records you want from each page
    • Look for typos
    • Watch for inverted titles
    • Check all the ways the author's name could be entered

 Step 3:

  • Choose your sort options
  • Possible ways to Analyze Results
    • Who cites this person the most?
    • Which journal cites this person the most?