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MAN 4720 - Industry Analysis Assignment: Strategic Group Map Analysis

Assignment Details

  •  Identify the major players in the industry and research the strategically-relevant characteristics that distinguish these companies. For instance,
  • Quality/price
  • Distribution or service
  • Product line breadth
  • Vertical integration
  • Geographic coverage


Identify Major Players in an Industry

Use these sources to find who the industry leaders are.  These databases will provide a list of leading companies and their competitors, worldwide company report, company ranking and market share. 

Finding the Key Competitors for a Specific Company

Compare the financials of up to 5 public companies using LexisNexis Academic

Select LexisNexis Academic Company Dossier from the UCF Library databases.

Select the link for "Dossier Compare Companies"

Enter the company you want to use as the benchmark as company number 1