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MAN 4720 - Industry Analysis Assignment: Industry’s Dominant Economic Features

Industry's Dominant Features

Content Requirements (from the course syllabus)

  • Market size
  • Scope of rivalry
  • Growth rate, state of the life cycle is the industry in
  • Number of rivals and their relative size
  • Prevalence of forward/backwards integration
  • Channels of distribution
  • Pace of process and product technology change
  • Are products highly differentiated or very similar?
  • Product differentiation
  • Economies of scale in purchasing, distribution, advertising, manufacturing, etc.
  • Are high rates of capacity utilization important for profitability?
  • Historical levels of profitability
  • Segments within the industry and their effect on competition and profitability

Suggested Databases

Use these sources to find information about a particular industry. Someone contemplating purchase of a fast-food franchise, for example, would need not only information about the financial well-being of the franchisor, but also information about the fast-food and restaurant industry generally. Depth of coverage for the sources below varies, but usually includes a review of the industry's past performance, a description of the current situation, and future projections.

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