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MAN 4720 - Industry Analysis Assignment: PESTLE Analysis

If you're doing a PESTLE analysis for a company or industry in the United States

Resources for PESTLE Analysis on a Region/City level

Industry Trend/Forecast

  • IBISWorld Industry Market Research.  Provides key statistics and analysis for over 700 US industries - everything from Shoes Stores to Gold Ore Mining and all industries in between. Includes life cycle analysis, barriers to entry, market share, industry outlook, and competitive landscape, etc.
  • MarketLine Advantage.  An international market research database providing thousands of in-depth industry reports, company, and country information.
  • Mintel Current.  Contains fulltext market research reports covering global consumer markets, with an emphasis on U.S. and European markets. Analyzes market share, segmentation, trends, and consumer demographics. 

PESTLE Analysis - Political


  • government type and stability
  • freedom of press, rule of law, levels of bureacracy & corruption
  • regulation and de-regulation trends
  • social and employment legislation
  • tax policy and trade & tariff controls
  • likely changes in the political environment

PESTLE Analysis - Economic


  • stage of business cycle
  • current & projected economic growth, e.g. GDP / GNP growth
  • inflation & interest rates
  • unemployment and labor supply
  • labor costs
  • levels of disposable income & income distribution
  • impact of globalization
  • likely impact of technological or other change on the economy
  • likely changes in the economic environment

PESTLE Analysis - Social


  • population growth rate and age profile
  • population health, education & social mobility, and attitudes to these
  • population employment patterns, job market freedom & attitudes to work
  • press attitudes, public opinion, social attitudes & social taboos
  • lifestyle choices and attitudes to these
  • socio-cultural changes
  • health consciousness

PESTLE Analysis - Technology


  • impact of emerging technologies
  • impact of internet, reduction in communication costs & increased remote working
  • research & development (R&D) activity
  • impact of technology transfer
  • degree of automation
  • rate of technological change

PESTLE Analysis - Legal


  • antitrust law
  • consumer law
  • discrimination law
  • employment law
  • health & safety laws

PESTLE Analysis - Environmental


  • weather
  • natural disasters
  • climate
  • climate change
  • environmental taxes
  • demand for "green" products