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Music Quotation Sources

Better Than It Sounds: A Dictionary of Humorous Musical Quotations
A compilation of several hundred witty, clever, or just plain sarcastic remarks on music, musicians, and music critics. Arranged alphabetically. Index.

A Dictionary of Musical Quotations
Main Library Reference ML 66 .C86 1985
Brief quotations from literary works, composers' writings, newspaper articles, books on music, and other sources, organized under 291 alphabetically-arranged headings. Author and subject indexes.

An Encyclopedia of Quotations About Music
Main Library Reference ML 66 .E6
A topical arrangement of 2,000 quotations, with indexes to persons, sources, and keywords and phrases.

About Quotations

Quotations can also include aphorisms, maxims, and proverbs.

> Aphorism: A statement of general principle, expressed memorably by condensing much wisdom into few words.

> Maxim: A short and memorable statement of a general principle, similar to an aphorism, but that imparts advice or guidance.

> Proverb: A short popular saying of unknown authorship, expressing some general truth or superstition.