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Lists a number of links for freely-available online sources in music, theatre, and dance.
Lists numerous sites arranged by time period.
A metasite under the auspices of the School of Music at Indiana University – Bloomington, one the the country's premier music conservatories. Provides hundreds of links under the following general headings: individual musicians (all genres) and popular groups, composers and composition, groups and ensembles (except popular), other sites related to performance, genres and types of music, research and study, journals and magazines, commercial world of music, general and miscellaneous.
An excellent metasite of scholarly and popular Internet sources.

Evaluating Internet Sources

Why is it important to critically evaluate information found on the Internet? Mainly because anyone can publish information on the Internet. The Internet does not have reviewers or editors; there is no quality control. There is no guarantee that the information you find is accurate. Many pages are not updated.
Here are two excellent sites that offer detailed guidance in evaluating Internet sources:
> Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask (from University of California – Berkeley)
> Evaluating Information Found on the Internet (from The Johns Hopkins University)
Also helpful is the UCF Libraries' InfoLit module, "Evaluating Web Sites."