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OA Resources for Activism & Social Justice

Access, equity, and justice are integral to the concept of Open Access. With that in mind, this section highlights OA resources related to Activism and Social Justice. The first page lists several OA journals dedicated to social justice. This is followed by a thematic overview of digital primary source collections from a variety of institutions. There are many such collections at libraries and archives around the country, so this is a selective list intended to be a starting point for further research. The only caveat for inclusion here is that the content has to be openly accessible. Some of the highlights include Dr. Seuss’s Political Cartoons, an archive of George Floyd & Anti-Racist Street Art, and the Occupy Archive.

The last section is a partial list of Civil Rights organizations that provide some Open Access content, often in the form of resources and tools for advocates. These types of organizations are useful for researchers as they track recent and historical developments through court cases, reports, surveys, press releases, and original reporting. View them as a starting point and move into more in-depth research from there.

Please note that, while we're emphasizing Open Access resources, digital collections are often culled from multiple sources that may have some restrictions. If you are unsure, check the terms of use or license statement for each individual item. In most cases, they will be available for educational or research under non-commercial fair use guidelines.

Social Justice Journals

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