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Place and Space


This list comprises important research terms, keywords, and more specified areas of study. These terms and concepts can be used to narrow a research topic, as well as offer specific search terms related to a particular research project. Entering these terms into the search bar of a database will provide you with the most recent and up-to-date scholarship in the field. These terms overlap and can be combined to create an even more specified research question or add a term of your own to narrow your search further.

Starting Points

  • Literature and place

  • Space in Literature

  • Home in Literature

  • Dwellings in Literature

  • Architecture in Literature

  • Privacy/personal space

  • Shared/separate space

  • Domestic space

  • Gendered space

  • Race and place

  • Geocriticism

  • Corporate spaces

  • Communal/Common spaces

  • Movement in Literature

  • Social construction of space/place

  • Digital space and literature

  • Internet as place

  • Networks and literature

  • Philosophy and place

  • Hermeneutics of Place

  • Maps and storytelling

  • Visual & aural place/space

  • Place and social justice

  • Geography – Philosophy

  • Movement – Philosophy

  • Philosophy of place in art

  • Philosophy of place in literature

  • Liminal spaces

  • Anthropogeographie

  • Geographical perception

  • Human geography

  • Utopian/Dystopian Spaces