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Place and Space


The categories of “place” and “space” play a unique role in understanding not just the physical world and how it is ordered, but also how these concepts affect human behavior, interaction, emotion, and subjectivity. Given the prevalence and importance of such broad categories, this research guide seeks to help students and scholars identify key elements and points of overlap within spatial studies. This guide provides important search terms, bibliographic details for principal books in the field of spatial studies, essential databases for research, and various technological information to help students produce data and create innovative ways to present data. While these lists and tools are not exhaustive, this research guide is meant to introduce people interested in the topic to the significant books, thinkers, and areas of study that have come to represent spatial studies. This guide comprises multiple disciplines ranging from architecture to literature, from sociology to digital storytelling, and from philosophy to Geographical Information Systems. In the end, this guide offers a starting point for those researching place and space and hopes to embrace the transdisciplinarity that distinguishes this field of study.