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International Government: International Monetary Fund

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

See also LexisNexis Statistical which indexes and abstracts various IMF publications, with the full text of many publications available on microfiche in the IIS Collection.

Balance of Payments Statistics
Online version - ICPSR (1965-1998)
Ref HF 1014.I5 (1981+)
IIS Microfiche 3840-S7 (1990+)
Latest 5 years in Reference; Others in General Collection (Non-Circulating).
identifies reports and publications by country. See also Regional Reports.
Direction of Trade Statistics
Online version - Univ. of Virginia (1948-1998)
General Collection HF 91 .I65 - Yearbook (1987+; latest edition in Ref)
IIS Microfiche 3840-S1 (1990+)
International Financial Statistics Yearbook
Ref HG 3881 .I627 (1979+)
IIS Microfiche 3840-S2 (1990+)
Some data series from the IMF International Financial Statistics are also accessible in the United Nations Common Database.
World Economic Outlook
Online version (1999+)
Ref HC 10 .W7979 (1980, 1984+)
provides "time series data for GDP growth, inflation, unemployment, payments balances, exports, imports, external debt, capital flows, commodity prices, more." Latest 5 years in Reference; Others in General Collection (Non-Circulating). The IMF Data Mapper provides comparisons of GDP, inflation, & current account balance for up to five selected countries, geographic regions, or analytical groups at a time.