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MLA 7th Edition

New to the 7th Edition


  • Titles that were formerly underlined (books, periodicals, films, etc.) are now italicized.
  • The type of publication must be listed for every works cited entry. Print publications were formerly recognized as the default type and were therefore not listed as such. They must now be designated as a Print publication.
  • Print and Web will be the most commonly designated type. Other types may include DVD, Videocassette, Interview, etc.
  • URL’s are no longer recommended. The designation Web will let your reader know that you are using an online source.
  • Include a URL only when the reader cannot possibly locate the source without it, or when your instructor requires it.
  • Journal citations must now include both the volume and issue numbers whether or not they use continuous pagination.
  • Works cited from the Web must include the abbreviations N.p. when there is no publisher given, n.d. when the date of publication is missing and n.pag. when pagination is not used.

General Guidelines

Your works cited list will include everything you cited within the text of your paper... only include materials that were directly cited in your paper.

For each work cited there are five main elements:

  1. Author's name (Last name, First name) (end with a period).
  2. Full title (as it appears on the title page) (end with a period).
  3. Place of publication (followed with a colon).
  4. Publisher (omit articles, use standard abbreviations, followed by a comma).
  5. Year of publication (end with a period).

For online sources you must also inlcude the date you accessed the material.

You must follow a specific format for the works cited list. 

  • Use the heading Works Cited.  Center the heading 2.5 cm from the top of the page.
  • List works in alphabetical order by author's last name.
  • Double space all lines.
  • Use a hanging indent for the second and subsequent lines of an entry.
  • Italicize titles of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, websites online databases, films etc.  Put titles of articles, essays, stories, chapters of books, pages in websites, etc, in quotations.
  • Capitalize words of a title except for short words such as on, in, and, to etc.