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MLA 7th Edition

Key Abbreviations

comp.     compiler,

                compiled by

cond.      conductor,

                conducted by

dir.          director,

               directed by

ed.         editor, edition,

               edited by

et al.      and others

fwd.        foreword,

               foreword by

illus.      illustrator, illustration,

               illustrated by

narr.       narrator,

               narrated by

n.d.        no date of publication

n.p.        no place of publication;

               no publisher

n. pag.   no pagination

perf.       performer,

               performed by

pref.       preface, preface by

prod.      producer, produced by

pt.          part

qtd.        quoted

rev.        review, reviewed by;


               revised, revised by

               (spell out review

               where rev. might be


trans.     translator, translation,

               translated by

UP        University Press 

vol.       volume


***NEW*** MLA guidelines no longer differentiate between journals using continuous pagination and those that do not. All journals published with volume and issue numbers must include both volume and issue numbers in the citation.


Article in a scholarly journal

Piper, Andrew. "Rethinking the Print Object: Goethe and the Book of Everything." PMLA

      121.1 (2006): 124-38. Print.


Article in a scholarly journal that uses only issue numbers

Kafka, Ben. "The Demon of Writing: Paperwork: Paperwork, PUblic Safety, and the Reign

      of Terror." Representations 98 (2007): 1-24. Print


Article or Chapter in a collection of essays or an anthology

Bardo, Susan. "The Moral Content of Nabokov's Lolita." Aesthetic Subjects. Ed. Pamela R.

       Matthews and David McWhiter. Minneapolis: I of Minnesota P, 2003. 125-52. Print.


A book or film review:

Gleick, Elizabeth. "The Burden of Genius." Rev. of The Last Samurai, by Helen Dewitt.

      Time 4 Dec. 2000: 171. Print.

Lane, Anthony. "Dream On." rev. of The Science of Sleep and Renaissance,

      dir. Michel Gondry. New Yorker 25 Sept. 2006: 155-157. Print.


Article in a magazine

McEvoy, Dermot.  "Little Books, Big Success."  Publishers Weekly 30 Oct. 2006: 26-28. Print.


Article in a magazine (anonymous)

"It Barks! It Kicks! It Scores!" Newsweek 30 July 2001: 12. Print.


Article in a newspaper

Jermack, Paul. "This Once, a David of the Art World Does Goliath a Favor."

      New York Times 13 July 2002, late ed.: B7+. Print.


Article in a newspaper;  location of a locally published newspaper is not included in the newspaper name

Alaton, Salem. "So, Did They LIve Happily Ever After?" Globe and Mail  [Toronto] 27 Dec.

      1997: D+. Print.