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President & Agencies/Departments: American Presidency Project

Federal Executive Branch

American Presidency Project

  • Public Papers of the Presidents, 1929+
  • The Messages & Papers of the Presidents, 1789-1913
  • State of the Union Addresses, 1789+
  • Inaugural Addresses, 1789+
  • Saturday Radio Addresses, 1982+
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt's Fireside Chats, 1933-1944
  • Presidential News Conferences, 1929+
  • Executive Orders, 1826+
  • Presidential Proclamations, 1789+
  • Presidential Signing Statements, 1929+
  • Press Briefings (Office of the Press Secretary), 1993+
  • Statements of Administration Policy, 1997+
  • Presidential Debates, 1960+
  • Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speeches, 1880+
  • Political Party Platforms, 1840+
  • Relations with Congress (Requests for Legislation, Concurrence, Vetoes, etc.)
  • Popularity
  • Public Appearances (Major Speeches, News Conferences, Public & Political Appearances, Level of Public Activity)
  • Growth of the Executive Branch (Federal Budget, Differences in Appropriations Proposed by President & Passed by Congress, Executive Orders, White House Staff Budget)
  • Presidential Selection (Election Results, Voter Turnout, etc.)