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Biographical Information: Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians
Main Library Reference ML 105 .B16
The most authoritative biographical dictionary in the field. Entries include a brief biography and a list of writings and/or compositions. The entries in the latest edition are available in the online database Biography in Context.
Contemporary Musicians: Profiles of the People in Music
Main Library General Collection ML 197 .C761
Profiles popular musicians and musical groups, although some classical performers are included. Each two- to three-page entry contains a biographical sketch, often a portrait of the musician or group, a discography, and bibliography of further sources of information. The biographies in this set are available in the online database Biography in Context.
Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television
Main Library General Collection PN 2012 .W5
An ongoing biographical reference series providing brief biographical information and credits of performers, directors, writers, producers, designers, technicians, composers, executives, and critics in the United States and Great Britain. The biographies in this set are available in the online database Biography in Context.
The Great Movie Stars: The Golden Years
Main Library Reference PN 1998 .A2 S54
The Great Movie Stars: The International Years
Main Library Reference PN 1998 .A2 S55
Presents generally lengthy profiles, incorporating biographical data and critical comment on the films and performances.
The New Grove Dictionary of American Music
Main Library Reference ML 101 .U6 N48
Considered the principal reference work on American music, with concise articles summarizing works for lesser known persons, and broad, illustrated pieces with works lists and lengthy bibliographies for well-known persons. Detailed coverage of popular styles and genres, including sketches of important popular groups. Numerous descriptions of uniquely American musical instruments. Historical sketches of musical publishers. Copiously illustrated, provided with an excellent introduction and a list of contributors.
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Main Library Reference ML 100 .N48 2001
The premier encyclopedia of music and musicians, with articles written by scholars on composers, performers, theorists, music publishers, instruments, musical terminology, musical forms and styles, genres, world music and more. Many articles include bibliographies for further reading. Entries for composers varies from era to era: for example, all known Medieval composers are included, while Renaissance composers are included only if five or more works survive or if a substantial number of works survive in manuscript. Performers are included only if they were involved with the first performance of a major work or if they had an influence on a composers style or work. Others are included even more selectively.
Who's Who in the Theatre: A Biographical Record of the Contemporary Stage
Main Library General Collection PN 2208 .W5 1981
Gives biographical sketches of actors, actresses, directors, dramatists, composers, scenic designers, critics, and theatre historians. The biographies in this set are available in the online database Biography in ContextWho Was Who in the Theatre, 1912-1976: A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Directors, Playwrights, and Producers of the English-Speaking Theatre (Main Library Reference PN 2597.W52) reproduces the sketches of the first 15 editions of Who's Who in the Theatre.
World Musicians
Main Library Reference ML 385 .W67 1999
Profiles approximately 500 of the world’s most renowned and accomplished living performers, composers, conductors, and band leaders in musical genres from opera to hip-hop. Roughly 2,500 words in length, each article sketches a subject’s life, describes their work and its significance to its genre, and includes commentary from critic.