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Biographical Dictionary of American Educators
Main Library Reference LA 2311 .B54
Aims "to provide a ready source of biographical information about those people who have shaped American education from colonial times to the American bicentennial of 1976" (preface). Signed articles, each about one page in length, concentrate on the biographee's education, employment, contributions to the field, and participation in professional organizations. Volume 3 contains an index to the set.
Directory of American Scholars
Main Library Reference LA 2311 .D57
Provides brief biographical information about academicians and independent scholars in selected fields. The entries in the latest edition are available in the online database Biography in Context.
Volume 1: History
Volume 2: English, Speech, and Drama
Volume 3: Foreign Languages, Linguistics and Philology
Volume 4: Philosophy, Religion, and Law
Volume 5: Social Sciences
Volume 6: Index