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American Men and Women of Science
Main Library Reference QC 141 .A47
Includes biographical entries on approximately 120,000 living scientists, providing birthdate, birthplace, field of specialty, education, honorary degrees, current position, professional and career information, awards, memberships, research information, and addresses for each entrant where available. Volume 8 of the set is a comprehensive index listing scientists by field, and by state under field. The 2005 edition of American Men and Women of Science is available online in the Gale Virtual Reference Library; select from the "Title List" tab.
Biographical Dictionary of American Science: The Seventeenth Through Nineteenth Centuries
Main Library Reference Q 141 .E37
Has entries for nearly 600 individuals. Entries include scientist's full name, date and place of birth and death, field(s), names of parents, spouse and children, education, honors, career, scientific contributions, works and works about.
Brief entries on over 1,500 key scientists from 40 countries. Fields represented include physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, meteorology and technology, with special attention paid to pioneer women whose achievements and example opened the way to scientific careers for others. As well as recent Nobel laureates, this new edition includes winners of the Fields Medal, the mathematician's equivalent of the Nobel Prize. Illustrated with around 150 portraits, diagrams, maps and tables.
Dictionary of Scientific Biography
Main Library Reference Q 141 .D5
Contains lengthy articles with bibliographies, written by historians of science, on prominent deceased scientists from antiquity to the twentieth century. Includes engineers and physicians only in so far as they were noted for scientific achievements, and has few entries on women or black scientists.
"The dictionary covers all of the major scientists and provides readable reviews of each scientist's early life, career, major discoveries and significant publications" (publisher's description).
Who's Who in Science and Engineering
Main Library General Collection Q 141 .W576
Provides key biographical facts on more than 30,000 individuals in all areas of pure and applied science and engineering. Entries include personal data, achievements, discoveries, research findings, patents, and career history.
Science in Europe: A Biographical Guide to Science, Technology, Agriculture, and Medicine
Main Library Reference Q 145 .W5 1995
A comprehensive directory of profiles of senior scientists undertaking research and development in the areas of science, technology, agriculture, and medicine from 36 European countries. Arranged alphabetically by surname, each entry includes name, year of birth, present position, interests, education, telephone and fax number, and postal address.