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IDS 3930: 2. Political Science: A Sage Full-Text Collection

General Information

The Political Science Collection includes the full text of 40 peer-reviewed journals published by SAGE and participating societies, encompassing over 17,923 articles and up to 118 years of backfiles.

This collection covers such subjects as General Political Science, American Government Politics, Political Sociology, Comparative Politics, Policy Studies, Political Communication, Peace/Conflict Studies, Presidential Studies, Political Theory/Philosophy, International Relations, and Area Studies.


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Search Tips

The Quick Search option allows you to perform a basic term search for articles in all SAGE content available online including journals assigned to a SAGE Full-Text Collection.

You can construct a more complex search using the Advanced Search.

To browse a list of journals, authors, or subject terms in the Political Science Collection, click Browse the Collection. You will have the option to browse the Author, Thesaurus, and/or Descriptor Index.  To see a complete list of journals, use Browse by Journal Title. 

A Boolean system is a way of constructing search queries to retrieve results based on a combination of search terms. Use this section to construct a search specifying your search terms and their logical relationships using the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT. You can enter multiple terms, including or excluding terms as desired using the Boolean operators as follows:

  • Term X and Term Y: search results display articles containing both terms
  • Term X or Term Y: search results display articles containing either term
  • Term X not Term Y: search results display only articles containing Term X, excluding any articles also containing Term Y

Multiple terms entered in a single search box are treated as an exact phrase.

Additional Help

There is a Help link in the upper-left corner of every page with general searching information. Also, click on the question marks which are linked to more specific information.