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OSE 4930 - Frontiers in Optics


There are a variety of tutorials that will help in your ultimate goal of obtaining a patent.

  • This UCF produced video explains patent classification systems and demonstrates how to conduct a patent search using the classic version of Espacenet, the free global patent database of the European Patent Office.
  • How to conduct a preliminary U.S. patent search: A step-by-step strategy is the Computer-Based Training video developed by the USPTO for searching Patent Public Search using CPC classification.
  • University of Wisconsin's Introduction to Patents microcourse teaches about the patent process, anatomy of a patent, patent searching, and additional resources.
  • Harvard University's How to Read a Patent shows the parts of a patent and includes code descriptions and definitions.
  • University of Minnesota has two online interactive tutorials, Patents and Patentability and Patent Searching.
  • Penn State's PTRC video: Classification Searching on the USPTO Website demonstrates how to locate patent classification information using "Searching by class" on the USPTO website.  The latest revision of the Classification search page eliminated the toolbar at the top, so to follow the "CPC Sections" walkthrough, click on Additional Resources--> CPC --> Scheme on the current page.
  • Cooperative Patent Classification System/CPC - The new system, CPC, was developed jointly by the European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office to harmonize the exchange of works between the two organizations and patent searching in general.  The system is based on the IPC (International Patent Classification) and the ECLC (European Classification).  The video gives you the history of the CPC and shows the different options when searching for a patent.

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