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Charleston Conference: Issues in Book & Serial Acquisition

2012 Presentations with UCF Participants

Discover EDS: Tales of Implementation and Use

Friday, November 9, 2012, 12:45pm - 2:00pm

Athena Hoeppner, Mary Page, and eight other panelists


This Lively Lunch will be delivered as a panel presentation by librarians who have employed Ebsco’s Discovery System (EDS) in their academic libraries. The panelists will address several important aspects of launching a discovery system such as Implementation, Information Literacy, and Assessment, Usability and Customization. The implementation component will include technical aspects, business requirements, launch preparation, and implementation success. The information literacy component will include how academic reference services and library instruction has been transformed because of EDS. Assessment, Usability and Customization will focus on customizing the search box, modifying the display of custom links, operability of link resolvers, and assessing EDS using statistics and usability testing. Michael Gorrell from EBSCO will be present to answer questions and a Q & A time is scheduled at the end of each session for audience members to ask questions, comment and share experiences.

Achieving Positive Results through Collaboration: How Libraries, Publishers and Vendors Can Work Together to Create Better Products and Services

Friday, November 9, 2012, 3:15pm - 4:00pm

Michael Arthur and representatives from Oxford University Press & YBP Library Services


Librarians working in the areas of acquisitions and collection development must have the knowledge and ability to work well with publishers and vendors in order to achieve the best results for their libraries and patrons. This session will cover many aspects of a positive relationship between libraries and vendors including proper negotiation skills, ways to work together on pilot programs, development of new products and services, and the benefits of using both publishers and vendors to enhance workflow and ensure a more efficient operation. The speakers will discuss ways in which they have worked together in the past to enhance patron access to content, and will provide specific ideas for how librarians can reach out to information providers to address some of the challenges faced in the Digital Age.

Re-tool, Re-train and Re-invent

Friday, November 9, 2012, 3:15pm - 4:00pm

Ying Zhang

As more and more library materials migrate from the tradition physical to the electronic formats, the workflow and roles of staff in library acquisitions and serials are compelled to evolve. Librarians in these areas not only have to keep abreast the latest technology and knowledge themselves, but also have to excel as the leader and mangers for their supporting staff.

In many libraries, technical services staff tend to be long term employees who had been performing skillfully the same job for years. How to retool and retrain these staff to ensure smooth transition and efficiency of the new workflow becomes more critical to the librarians who manage these staff. The librarians not only have to fully understand and adapt the workflow, but also know how to provide adequate training and motivate staff to achieve high performance in the new environment.

The author will share the experiences how to retool, retrain and reassign some staff to the new workflow. The audience is expected to learn and exchange ideas and practices from the author and each other on how to successfully manage the staff and workflow in the evolving environment.