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Health Care Marketing

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Demographics & Census Data

SAGE Business Cases

Example cases include:

  • Achoo! : the Acclarent, Inc. revolution
  • Baheya Hospital's next step : surviving the NGOs' battle for donations
  • Castlight Health: Disrupting the health care industry
  • The dilemma of generating a market for contraceptives among groups at high risk for contracting and spreading HIV
  • Dr. Lal PathLabs
  • Key State Blue Cross & Blue Shield Plan: A strategy for winning in the market through customer-focused service
  • Mango Medical: Growing a fresh healthcare model
  • Mowana Spa: A top-to-toe experience
  • Thira: a global entrepreneur entering the healthcare industry in Ghana
  • Tupelo Medical: Managing price erosion
  • Vitalena Health Promotion Centre
  • Yorkshire General Hospital