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Urban Documents Microfiche Collection

Central Florida Criminal Justice Institute at Orlando

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Financial statements and supplementary schedule [as of and for the] years ended Sept. 30, 1993 and 1992 0391 1993

Central Florida Fire Academy at Orlando

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Financial statements and supplementary schedule [as of and for the] years ended Sept. 30, 1993 and 1992 0391 1993

Community Instructional Services, Region 19, Coordinating Council

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Educational needs assessment model for the community instructional services program in the state of Florida and validation of the model in region 19, Orange and Osceola counties 0154 1983

Economic Development Commission of Mid-Florida, Inc.

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Facility planning factors, mid-Florida 0343 1991
Impact report 1993-94 0447 1994

Institute of Transportation Engineers, Florida Section

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Low cost signalization upgrading improves traffic flow in Orlando 0135 no date

Joint Study Commission on Sewer & Water Services for Orlando & Orange County

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
[Consultant's reports] 0130 1982
Evaluation of the preliminary feasibility of combining water and/or sewer operations for the city of Orlando and Orange County; final [report] 0136 1982
Report [with supplement] 0131 1982

Local Health Council of East Central Florida, Inc.

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
District VII [health] plan
--v. 1, 1988 local health care systems plan
--v. 2, 1988 certificate of need allocation factors report
--1990 district health plan


Orange County Library District

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Annual financial report [for the] year ended Sept. 30,

Children's Department self study/evaluation 0257 1987
Clubs & organizations in the greater Orlando area; [a directory]
--1992, 2nd edition

Official statement [in connection with] $22,000,000 library expansion bonds 0085 1981
Public perception and usage study 0258 1987

Orlando Area Chamber of Commerce / Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Greater Orlando Project 2000, Inc.
--action plans for the "challenges to the community"
--action plans for the "essentials for survival"
--action plans for the "guideposts to growth"
--action plans for the "imperatives for progress"
--environmental scan
--goals: Arts, Culture and Recreation Task Force
--goals: Crime Prevention Task Force
--goals: Economic Development Task Force
--goals: Education Task Force
--goals: Environment and Natural Resources Task Force
--goals: Governance Task Force
--goals: Health, Housing, Human Services and Ethnicity Task Force
--goals: Transportation Task Force
--"a membership directory"
--Report of Chairman's Interim Committee on Governance
Greater Orlando Suburban Mobility Initiative
--The evolution of Orlando's transportation system: past initiatives, present performance, future challenges
--Completing the commuter cycle: how land use and transit relate
--Transportation decision-making and financing in the Orlando region



Improving citizen participation in Orlando: Task Force on Board Restructure final report 0111 1981
Minority business directory, Orlando metro area 0166 1984
Storm water quality control seminar: symposium proceedings Nov 4, 1981 0101 1981

Orlando Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Areawide travel time study [for the Orlando urban area] 0415 1994
Orlando urban area transportation planning process: navigator; a guidebook to transportation planning in the Orlando urban area 0414 1995
OUATS [Orlando urban area transportation study] year 2010 plan, technical report[s]
--1: data compilation and development, validation data review and financial resources
--2: model validation and procedural guide
--3: plan development and adoption
0401 1993
Tri county comprehensive bicycle plan for Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties 0358 1990

St. Johns River Water Management District

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Annual water use survey: 1988 0340 1988
Middle St. Johns ground water basin resource availability inventory 0342 1990
Upper St. Johns ground water basin resource availability inventory 0341 1990

South Florida Water Management District

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
SFWMD local government assistance program: data documentation for Orange County 0311 1987-1989

United Way of Orange County, Inc.

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Economic growth and development report on the Orlando standard metropolitan statistical area (SMSA) 0188 1981

University of Central Florida

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Impact of high technology employment on the central Florida economy 0185 1985
Mercy Drive community needs assessment; comprehensive 0208 1987

University of Florida / Center for Wetlands

Title OFL Microfiche Dates
Buffer zones for water, wetlands, and wildlife in the east central Florida region 0359 1989