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News and Newspapers

United Kingdom newspapers -- London, Edinburgh, Belfast Gazettes (1665+)

Connecticut newspaper index -- Hartford Courant (1764-1984)

Hartford Courant: Archives -- Index 1764-1984 (some articles are available online for purchase)

The UCF Library does not have microfilm for this newspaper.

Virginia newspapers index -- Historical Newspaper Index (Fairfax County) (1785-2000)

Historical Newspaper Index (Fairfax County Public Library) -- "provides over one million records from nine local newspapers covering research on the history of local buildings, lists of Civil War veterans, past Board of Supervisors meetings and election statistics, and much more."

  • Alexandria Gazette (1785-1788), (July 25, 1854-December 31, 1855) and (May 3, 1860-January 20, 1865)
  • Arlington County Record (1932-1933)
  • Fairfax City Times (1961-1968)
  • Fairfax County Independent (1929-1932)
  • Fairfax Herald (1886-1973)
  • Fairfax News (1872-1875)
  • Fairfax News - Herndon Observer (1925-1943)
  • The Local News (1861-1862)
  • The Rambler, Washington Star (1912-1928)
  • Reston Times (1965-1973), (1975-January 6, 1977), (1978), (1980-1983), (1985) and (2000)

The UCF Library does not have microfilm for any of these newspapers.

United Kingdom newspaper index -- Guardian & Observer (1791+)

Guardian & Observer: Archives -- Index 1791-2003 (some articles are available online for purchase)

The UCF Library does not have microfilm for this newspaper.

The Guardian (July 14, 1984+)

The Observer (October 07, 1992+)

Louisiana Newspaper Access Program (1802-1957)

Louisiana Newspaper Access Program (LaNeAP) provides digitized versions of the earliest newspaper issues from each of Louisiana's 64 parishes, from an 1802 issue of the Moniteur de la Lousiane to a 1957 issue of the Cameron Parish Pilot.

Indiana State Library Newspaper Indexes (1804-1991)

Indiana State Library Databases provides the following indexes to Indiana newspapers:

  • Indianapolis Newspapers Index, 1848-1888, 1979-1991
  • Logansport Newspapers Index, 1848-1855
  • New Albany Newspaper Index, 1849-1889
  • Vincennes Newspaper Index, 1804-1827

The UCF Library does not have microfilm for any newspapers from Indiana.

Georgia Historic Newspapers (1808-1979)

The Digital Library of Georgia provides full text online of:

  • Cherokee Phoenix (1828-1834)
  • Colored Tribune (1876)
  • Columbus Enquirer (1828-1890)
  • Dublin Post (1878-1887)
  • Macon Telegraph (1826-1908)
  • Milledgeville historical newspapers (1808-1920)
  • Red & Black -- University of Georgia student newspaper (1893-1979)
  • University Bumble Bee -- University of Georgia student newspaper (1889-1902)

New York newspapers -- Northern New York Historical Newspapers (1811-2008)

Northern New York Historical Newspapers provides indexed access to 44 historical newspapers from Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego and St. Lawrence counties.

New York newspapers -- Old New York State Historical Newspapers (1817-2007)

Old New York State Historical Newspapers -- The Old Fulton NY Post Cards site provides digitized versions of many old newspapers from around New York State. A browsable list of the available newspapers is available here

Missouri newspapers -- Missouri Digital Heritage (1835-1935, 1969-1975)

Missouri Newspapers (Missouri Digital Heritage) provides digitized versions of various newspapers, including: Border Star (1858-1860), Columbia Missourian (1929, 1969-1975), Daily Evening Herald & Commercial Advertiser (1835), Far West (1836), Hannibal Clipper (1874-1875, 1877), Hannibal Courier-Post (1935), Liberty Banner (1844), Liberty Tribune (1846-1848, 1852-1867, 1869-1878, 1880, 1882, 1883), Phelps County New Era (1875-1878), Rolla New Era Part 1 (1880-1897), Rolla New Era Part 2 (1889-1896), Rolla New Era Part 3 (1887), St. Louis Christian Advocate (1857-1879), St. Louis Palladium (1904), St. Louis Globe Democrat images, University City image collection.

New York newspapers -- Suffolk Historic Newspapers (1839-1960, 1996-2007)

Suffolk Historic Newspapers

  • 1839-1960 Long Islander (Huntington)
  • 1839-1871 Corrector (Sag Harbor)
  • 1869-1879 South Side Signal (Babylon)
  • 1872-1898 Long Island Traveler (Southold)
  • 1885-1898 Sag Harbor Express (Sag Harbor)
  • 1888-1942, 1996-2007 Suffolk County News (Sayville)
  • 1892-1931 Port Jefferson Echo (Port Jefferson)

Illinois newspaper -- Chicago Tribune (1849+)

Chicago Tribune: Archives -- Index 1852+ (some articles are available online for purchase)
-- also indexed in Google News Archives Search

Utah Digital Newspapers (1850-1960)

Utah Digital Newspapers can be searched or browsed to retrieve the full text of articles from over 50 Utah newspapers published between 1850 and 1960.

Oregon Newspapers Index (1852-2004)

The Oregon Newspapers Index provides newspaper indexes for:

  • Oregon Daily Emerald (Eugene) (1900-1979) -- University of Oregon campus newspaper
  • Portland Oregonian (1852-1987)
  • Register-Guard (Eugene) (1963-2004)

The UCF Library does not have microfilm for any newspapers from Oregon.

Maine newspapers index -- Snow Index to Brunswick Newspapers (1853-1960)

Snow Index to Brunswick Newspapers "is an index to microfilm of the Brunswick weekly newspapers for 1853 through December, 1960. Please note that this is an index to citations, NOT an index that leads to online full text."

The UCF Library does not have microfilm for any newspapers from Maine.

Nebraska newspaper index -- Nebraska Newspaper Extraction Project (1854-2000)

Nebraska Newspaper Extraction Project provides selective indexing (some articles, but mostly births, marriages & obituaries) in many Nebraska newspapers from 1854 through 2000.

California newspaper -- San Francisco Chronicle (1865-1983)

  • Daily Dramatic Chronicle (v.1 - 8#40, Jan. 16, 1865-Aug. 31,1868)
  • Daily Morning Chronicle (v.8#41 - 10#26, Sept. 1, 1868-Aug. 14, 1869)
  • San Francisco Chronicle (Aug. 15, 1869-Dec. 31, 1983)

San Francisco Chronicle. Newspaper Index
Reference AI 21 .S25 S26 (1981-1983)

Georgia newspaper -- Atlanta Constitution (1868+)

Atlanta Constitution: Archives -- Index 1868-1942 (some articles are available online for purchase)

Texas newspaper index -- Dallas Morning News (1885-1977)

Dallas Morning News: Archives -- Index 1885-1977 (some articles are available online for purchase)

The UCF Library does not have microfilm for this newspaper.

Pennsylvania newspapers -- Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project (1895+)

Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project (PJN) "is a unique, free, searchable fulltext archive that documents the history and life of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania. To date, it is a digital archive of The Jewish Criterion (1895-1962) and The Jewish Chronicle (1962-present)."

Alaska Newspapers Index (1901-1999)

Alaska Newspapers Index -- "Searchable database of Juneau and Fairbanks newspapers. Fairbanks area indexing (compiled by Mr. Mike Brown of the Bureau of Land Management), coverage varies within 1901-1975 and Juneau Empire indexing (compiled by Capital City Libraries staff) covers December, 1992 to August, 1999."

The UCF Library does not have microfilm for any newspapers from Alaska.

Illinois newspaper index -- Chicago Defender (1905-1975)

Chicago Defender: Archives -- Index 1905-1975 (some articles are available online for purchase)

The UCF Library does not have microfilm for this newspaper.

New York newspaper -- New York Age (1905-1960)

Newspaper Microfilm -- all issues filed by title New York Age

Georgia newspaper -- Rome News (1910-1916, 1951-2008)

Rome News (1910-1911, 1913, 1916, 1951-2008) is freely available through Google News Archives.

Arizona newspapers -- Casa Grande (1912-2007)

The Newspaper Archives of Casa Grande Public Library provides searchable, full-text historical newspaper pages from Casa Grande:

  • Arizona City Independent (2000)
  • Bulletin (1913-1927)
  • Casa Grande Dispatch (1912-2007)
  • Cotton and Agriculture (2001-2002)

California newspaper -- Los Angeles Examiner (1920-1961)

"The Los Angeles Examiner Collection consists of approximately 1.4 million prints and negatives from the Los Angeles Examiner newspaper. Almost every event and individual receiving news coverage in Los Angeles during the period late 1920's to 1961 is represented in the collection. Coverage is broad including crime, sports, society, art, and entertainment. The collection forms part of the Hearst Collection and was a gift from the Los Angeles Herald Examiner Division of the Hearst Corporation in 1978." (USC Digital Collections)

United Kingdom -- Times (London) (1790+)

Times Index -- indexes the Times, Sunday Times & Magazine, Times Literary Supplement, Times Educational Supplement, Times Educational Supplement Scotland, and Times Higher Educational Supplement.

  • General Collection (1st floor) AI 21 .T46 (1929+)

Official Index to the Times, 1906-1980 "is a collection of short index entries from the 296 printed volumes of the Official Index to the London Times which covers the years 1906-1980 inclusive. Coverage includes all issues of The Times, The Sunday Times, and supplements. These index entries do not contain or link to the full text of the newspaper articles. They can be used to help find articles in printed or microfilm versions of the London Times." See also Palmer's Index to the Times, 1790-1905 -- not available at UCF, but some digitized volumes are available in the Internet Archive.

Collections of News, Headlines & Significant Events (1931+)

Soviet Union newspaper -- Moscow News Weekly (1961-2007)

Alaska newspaper -- Tundra Times (1962-1997)

Tundra Times -- "The Tundra Times was the voice of Alaska Natives from 1962 to 1997. It reported on events that transformed the Alaska Native way of life, including settlement of land claims, founding of Native corporations and the transfer of health and social services to Native-operated nonprofits."

District of Columbia newspaper -- Washington Post (1972+)

Washington Post: Archives -- Index 1877-1986 (some articles are available online for purchase)

Canada newspaper -- Globe & Mail (Toronto) (1974+)

District of Columbia newspaper -- Air Force Times (1974-1999)

CBS News Index (1975-1986)

Provides the transcripts of CBS news television broadcasts from 1975-1986, including:

  • CBS daily news broadcasts
  • CBS News Special Report
  • Special Report for Young People
  • CBS Reports
  • Face the Nation
  • Going Places
  • Inside CBS News
  • Magazine
  • Razzmatazz
  • 60 Minutes
  • 30 Minutes
  • On the Road with Charles Kuralt
  • Universe
  • Your Turn
  • CBS News Daily Broadcast
  • CBS News Special
  • Who's Who
  • West 57th
  • Our Times with Bill Moyers