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Day by Day...

a series of decade-by-decade chronologies of world events from 1920-1999. The series is designed to provide students and other readers with a quick reference to specific events.

Collections of News, Headlines & Significant Events

Decades in America

Each decade is covered by a three-volume set. "The essays have been written to meet the needs of high school students and college undergraduates, but the set's clear and innovative approach to the decade and its authoritative articles should also make it useful to more advanced students and scholars."

Examples of the appendixes in the various sets:

  • Entertainment: Academy Awards; Broadway Plays; Major Films of the decade; Major Radio Programs; Most-Watched U.S. Television Shows; Emmy Awards; Top-Selling Video Games
  • Literature: Best-Selling U.S. Books; Major Literary Awards
  • Music: Popular Musicians; Top-Selling U.S. Records; Grammy Awards
  • Sports: Winners of Major Events
  • Legislation: Major U.S. Legislation; Major U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
  • Time Line