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Hospitality Statistics/Demographics Research Guide

Misc. & Other U.S. Statistical Sources - Online Resources

Some of the following sources may also contain U.S. hospitality and tourism related statistics:

U.S. Hospitality/Tourism Statistics - Print Resources



Business and Convention Travelers

Rosen REF G156.5. B86 B87

Convene Meetings Industry Forecast

AS6 .C66 – see November issue

Domestic Travel Market Report

Rosen REF G155 .U6 T87

Economic Review of Travel in America

Rosen REF G155 .U6 E32

Leisure Market Research Handbook

Rosen REF GV174 .M55

Meetings and Conventions 2008 Meetings Market Report

AS6 .M447 – see August issue

Nation's Restaurant News Top 100 Chain & Company Rankings

Rosen REF TX945 .N28

Outlook for Travel & Tourism

Rosen REF G155 .U6 M273

Quickservice Restaurant Trends

Rosen REF TX945 .Q52

Restaurant Industry Forecast

Rosen REF TX943 .N38

Restaurant Industry Operations Report

Rosen TX909 .A1 R47

Tableservice Restaurant Trends

Rosen REF TX909 .A1 T32

Travel Across the Generations

Rosen REF G155.8 .U6 T7 2006

Travel and Leisure Market Research Handbook

Rosen REF G155 .U6 T74

Travel and Tourism Works for America

Rosen REF G155 .U6 T746

Trends in the Hotel Industry (USA ed.)

Rosen REF TX909 .A1 H3

Youth Travel Matters: Understanding the Global Phenomenon of Youth Travel

Rosen REF G156.5 .Y6 Y68 2008