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Locating UCF Theatre Courses

DAA Dance Activities Courses

Course Nbr Course Title
2000C Introduction to Theatre Dance
2100C Modern Dance I
2200C Ballet I
2201C Ballet II
2300 Ballroom Dance
2351 Salsa & Latin Dance
2520C Tap Dance I
2521C Tap Dance II
2570C Jazz Dance I
2571C Jazz Dance II
3004L Dance Studio
3208C Ballet III
3508C Jazz Dance III
3524C Tap Dance III
3612 Dance Improvisation/Composition I
3645 Choreography Practicum
3684 Dance Performance
3905 Directed Independent Study
4912 Directed Independent Research

DAN Dance History Courses

Course Nbr Course Title
3134 Dance History I                              

THE Theatre Courses

Course Nbr Course Title
2000 Theatre Survey
2000H Honors Theatre Survey
2020 Survey of Theatre for Majors
2081C Introduction to UCF Theatre
2305 Script Analysis for Theatre
2925L Theatre Participation-Management I
3006 Greece to Grease: Development of Theatre
3082 Theatre Careers
3240 Musical Theatre Survey
3250 Sex, Drugs, & the Rock and Roll Musical
3254 Queer Theatre
3272 What a Drag: The Art of Transgender in Entertainment
3311 Theatre History & Dramatic Literature I
3312 Theatre History & Dramatic Literature II
3313 Theatre History & Dramatic Literature III
3383 Taboo Theatre: Sex & Violence on Stage
3905 Directed Independent Study
3930H Honors Special Topics
4093L Theatre Participation-Management II
4212 Global Theatre
4230 Cultural Diversity in Theater
4244 Musical Theatre History I
4245 Musical Theatre History II
4284 Period Costume, Architecture, and Decor I
4285 Period Costume, Architecture, and Decor II
4423 Women in Theatre
4543 Theatre for Social Change
4543H Honors Theatre for Social Change
4903H Honors Directed Reading I
4904H Honors Directed Reading II
4912 Directed Independent Research
4954 Theatre Exit Critique
4970H Undergraduate Honors Thesis
5205 American Theatre
5215 Global Theatre
5237 Cultural Diversity in Theatre
5288 Period Costume, Architecture, and Decor I
5289 Period Costume, Architecture, and Decor II
5307 Contemporary Theatre Practice
5425 Women in Theatre
5545 Theatre for Social Change
5910 Research Methods in Theatre
5944 Internship
5945L Theatre Practicum I
5946L Theatre Practicum II
6086C Careers in Professional Theatre
6507 Dramatic Theory and Criticism
6726 Advanced TYA Seminar
6756 Methods of Teaching Drama
6947L Theatre Practicum III

TPA Theatre Production & Admin Courses

Course Nbr Course Title
2000C Theatre Design Basics
2071C Theatre Rendering
2200 Introduction to Technical Theatre
2200L Introduction to Technical Theatre Lab
2210 Stagecraft I
2210L Stagecraft I Lab
2211 Stagecraft II
2211L Stagecraft II Lab
2220C Stage Electronics
2230C Costume Construction
2248C Makeup Techniques
2290L Theatre Participation-Production I
2600 Stage Management: Introduction
3045C Costume Design for Theatre I
3060C Scenic Design for Theatre I
3077C Scene Painting
3172 Flash, Bash, & Splash: Concerts, Wrestling, & Circus
3195L Summer Theatre Studio/Tech/Design I
3197L Summer Theatre Studio/Tech/Design II
3223C Lighting Design for Theatre I
3249C Advanced Makeup Techniques
3265C Sound Design for Theatre I
3383C Topics in Technical Theatre
3601 Stage Management: Techniques
4066C Advanced Scenography
4250C CADD for Theatre
4251C Advanced CADD for Theatre
4298L Theatre Participation-Production II
4384C Advanced Topics in Technical Theatre
4400 Theatre Management
4401C Theatre Careers in Production
4602 Stage Management: Applications
4604 Stage Management: Professional Practice
4903H Honors Directed Reading I
4970H Undergraduate Honors Thesis
5029C Lighting Design Studio
5042C Costume Design Studio
5062C Scene Design Studio
5085C Design Seminar for Theatre
5345C 2D Computer Assisted Design for Theatre
5346C 3D Modeling for Theatre
5405 Theatre Management for Non-Majors
5885C Puppetry

TPP Theatre Performance & Training Courses

Course Nbr Course Title
2110C Acting I - Introduction
2170C Acting II - The Actor Prepares
2185 Acting for Non-majors
2190L Theatre Participation-Performance I
2710C Voice Production I
2742C Estill for Musical Theatre - Craft
3103 Intermediate Acting
3173C Acting III - Building the Character
3197L Summer Theatre/Performance
3251C Musical Theatre Monologue
3252C Musical Theatre Scene Study
3257C Musical Theatre Voice Techniques
3258C Musical Theatre Voice Styles
3272C Estill for Musical Theatre - Artistry
3310C Directing for Theatre I
3510C Movement for the Actor I
3513C Movement for the Actor II
3711C Voice Production II
3712C Voice Production III
3940 Internship
4140C Acting IV - Creating the Role
4142C Acting Verse
4193L Theatre Participation-Performance II
4221 Auditioning
4223C Theatre Careers for Performance
4265C Camera Acting
4271C Musical Theatre Applied/Studio Voice V
4311C Advanced Directing for Theatre
4512C Stage Combat
4531C Period Movement
4730C Dialects
4746C Musical Theatre Auditioning
4903H Honors Directed Reading I
4923C Musical Theatre Applied/Studio Voice VI
4940L Theatre Internship
4941 Internship
4970H Undergraduate Honors Thesis
5156C Acting Studio I
5157C Acting Studio II
5278C Musical Theatre Lab
5386C Directing for Young Audiences
5515 Movement Studio I
5516C Movement Studio II
5715C Stage Voice I
5716C Stage Voice II
5944 Internship
6146 Acting Studio III
6186C Advanced Scene Study
6216C Theatre for Young Audiences Tour
6267 Acting Studio V: TV/FILM
6517 Movement Studio III
6518C Movement Studio IV
6717C Stage Voice III
6718C Stage Voice IV