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Funder Tool Kits: DOE

This Funder Tool Kit specifically highlights the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). It includes news, priorities, funding opportunities, and award history, as well as proposal guidance and resources. The Funder Tool Kits are a collaborative effort between the UCF Libraries and ORC Research Development Team.


FIND INFORMATION: News, Funding Opportunities, and Past Awards

DOE 2014-2018 Strategic Plan - a comprehensive blueprint to guide the agency's core mission of ensuring America's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions

DOE Budgets and Performance Information - from

Learn Grants: DOE - includes mission and vision, program summaries and highlights, and links to more information. From

Energy News - from

STEM Resources - Includes women in STEM, Teach and Learn, Energy Literacy, Joules of Wisdom blog, Competitions, Energy 101 Videos, STEM Rising Newsletter

#WomenInSTEM Blog - A listing of all of the #WomeninSTEM blogs on

DOE Blog - from

Direct Current: An Podcast

DOE Social Media Resources - Purpose and strategy, helpful links, and best practices. From

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Pivot database (DOE saved search) - find, track, and share current/anticipated funding opportunities (DOE search) - Browse current/forecasted DOE funding opportunities. 

  • DOE solicitations are typically posted on as well as on the agency-specific funding opportunity websites listed above.  If pursuing a DOE funding opportunity, it is wise to subscribe to receive email updates for that opportunity, as it is not unusual for one or more amendments to be posted between the original release date and the due date. 

DOE Funding & Financing - Browse funding opportunities from DOE

Acquisition Forecast - It is the policy of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to provide timely information to the public regarding DOE’s forecast of future prime contracting opportunities and subcontracting opportunities which are available via the Department’s major site and facilities management contractors. (downloadable DOE HQ Acquisition Forecast in Excel spreadsheet format)

Specific Funding Mechanisms:

Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) program - established in 2009 by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences to fund integrated, multi-investigator Centers focusing on energy-related "grand challenges" and use-inspired basic research needs.  The last EFRC competition was held in 2014 and currently supports 32 Centers across the nation, funded at a level of ~$2-4 M per year for 4 years.  The next EFRC competition has not yet been announced, but could be expected in 2018 when the current round of funding expires.


There are several offices within the DOE which fund grants to Universities: 

Basic Research

Applied Research

Finding Past Awards:

FOIA Request Information (DOE)

The ORC Research Development Team maintains a library of internal/external submitted proposals and can assist with securing a sample and submitting FOIA requests. Contact Madhavi (Maddy) Chokshi for more information.

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PLAN YOUR PROPOSAL: Guidance and Resources

Grants 101 - from

DOE Grants Process

Grant Rules, Regulations, and Guidance

DOE FAQs - from the DOE Office of Science (SC)


Peer Review Process and Review Criteria:

The DOE reviews the scientific and technical merit of all applications, and the peer review process is described on the website of the Office of Science (SC), as well as in the regulatory document 10 CFR Part 605.

The stated review criteria are:

  1. Scientific and/or technical merit or the educational benefits of the project;
  2. Appropriateness of the proposed method or approach;
  3. Competency of applicant's personnel and adequacy of proposed resources;
  4. Reasonableness and appropriateness of the proposed budget; and
  5. Other appropriate factors, established and set forth by ER in a notice of availability or in a specific solicitation.

Individual solicitations will define additional review criteria for a specific funding opportunity, and will often assign percentage points to how each review criterion will weigh in to the overall proposal score. Applicants are advised to read the solicitation's review criteria information carefully and to allocate space in their proposal to reflect the relative weights of the individual criteria.

Statement on Digital Data Management - Here, data management involves all stages of the digital data life cycle including capture, analysis, sharing, and preservation. The focus of this statement is sharing and preservation of digital research data.

Suggested Elements for a Data Management Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Management Resources at the Office of Science User Facilities

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DRAFT YOUR PROPOSAL: Section Instructions and Templates

This guide provides quick-reference information to complete DOE proposals (refer to the RFP for special requirements).

The ORC Research Development Team can provide support with proposal coordination, templates, samples, supplemental documents, peer/editorial reviews, and more. Contact Joshua Roney for more information.

Grant applications must be submitted through

This website will provide prospective grant applicants with information about the Office of Science grant process. Acquisition and contracting services are provided by the DOE Office of Science Integrated Support Center (ISC). The ISC is a virtual organization comprised of the combined support capabilities of offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. You can also reach the ISC Office of Acquisition and Assistance.

The Office of Grants and Contracts Support serves the Office of Science, the basic scientific research arm of the Department of Energy.

For more information about proposal requirements for the following DOE subunits please refer to the links below:


DOE Point of Contact at UCF

Talat Rahman, PhD
​UCF Pegasus Professor
Department of Physics
University of Central Florida

General Proposal Support from Research Development Team

Now that you have found the perfect funding opportunity, let us help you build the perfect proposal. The ORC Research Development team can help with planning, preparation assistance, draft review feedback, informational resources, and more! Visit our website for next steps information.

Large Proposal Support from Research Development Team

A unique approach to supporting large, complex proposal submissions.

Find Potential Collaborators

Find potential matches using the PIVOT Database - Run a search or View tutorials

Find relevant scholars using the Web of Science Database (via UCF Libraries) - Search DOE-Funded Scholarship

See awardees using the USA Spending Database -  UCF-specific or Search all awards

The ORC Research Development Team would be happy to help search for potential collaborators at UCF.  Visit our website for more information.