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Funder Tool Kits: ED


This Funder Tool Kit specifically highlights the U.S. Department of Education (ED). It includes news, priorities, funding opportunities, and award history, as well as proposal guidance and resources. The Funder Tool Kits are a collaborative effort between the UCF Libraries and OR Research Development Team.




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FIND INFORMATION: News, Funding Opportunities, and Past Awards

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ED Recent Stories - The News page is home to new or revised publications released by OCR, as well as any recent items of interest, such as press releases and fact sheets.

ED Annual Reports - see past reports on ED award data, priorities, and spending

ED Publications - view publications sorted by topic area

ED Special Reports

ED Official Blog - from

ED Social Media Resources

Pivot database (ED saved search) - find, track and share current/anticipated ED opportunities

Apply for an ED Grant - browse current funding opportunities from the US Department of Education (ED)

IES funding - view opportunities from ED's Institute for Education Sciences (IES)

IES funding webinars - IES developed this series of on-demand webinars for those interested in FY 2019 funding opportunities.

All formula grants

ED Forecast of Funding Opportunities - Lists virtually all ED programs and competitions under which they have invited or expect to invite applications for new awards and provides actual or estimated deadline dates for the transmittal of applications under these programs.

ED Programs by Title and Office

Overview of IES Research and Research Training Grant Programs (opportunity search) - Browse current/forecasted education-related funding opportunities

IES Award Search - Search entire database

ED FY 2020-2024 Awards List - UCF-specific, search entire database

FOIA Request Information (ED)

Sample Awards - The grant applications posted in the FOIA Library are provided as a courtesy. Because the documents have been produced by entities outside of the U.S. Department of Education who are not subject to the Department's standards for the accessibility of documents posted on the Internet, this material may not be accessible to individuals with disabilities. In addition, the process of redaction and image scanning may further hamper the accessibility of these documents

The OR Research Development team maintains a library of internal/external submitted proposals and can assist with securing a sample and submitting FOIA requests. Contact for more information.

PLAN YOUR PROPOSAL: Guidance and Resources

ED Writing Competitive Grant Applications

IES Peer Review Process

Education Grants: Application, Management, & Closeout - Grant Making at ED Answers to Your Questions About the Discretionary Grants Process

Grants Training and Management Resources - Online Grants Training Courses

G6-Portal - Information on ED's online grants system

ED Panel Discussion with UCF Professors Dr. Lisa Dieker, Dr. Mary Little, and Dr. Eleazar Vasquez.

U.S. Department of Education Public Data Listing

IES Policy Regarding Public Access to Research

UCF Library Support - The UCF library maintains a Data Management Research Guide. You can schedule a consultation to meet with a librarian for an in-depth one on one consultation specific to your research topic.

  • Crafting the Data Management Plan - led by Lee Dotson
  • DMP Tool - Create, review, and share DMPs that meet institutional and funder requirements. The DMP Tool Blog and Webinar Series provide helpful guidance.
  • STARS - UCF researchers are eligible to submit materials to STARS, a university-wide digital repository hosted on the Digital Commons platform (a comprehensive hosted solution for storing, managing, and sharing data). Click here to visit the researcher portion of the FAQs for STARS.
  • - The Registry of Research Data Repositories is a tool for helping identify and locate online repositories of research data. 

DRAFT YOUR PROPOSAL: Section Instructions and Templates

This guide provides quick-reference information and templates for specific sections required in most ED proposals (refer to the RFP for special requirements). Content is based on the U.S. Department of Education website.

Grant Application and Other Forms (all programs) 

  • SF 424 Form - Application Form for Federal Assistance (Core Form)

  • ED 524 Example for Grants under Restricted Rate Programs: Additional Indirect Cost Information

Please note, the most user friendly way to complete an ED application is to download the application package (an interactive .pdf with forms and places to upload application documents) from or to ensure all required forms are present.

The OR Research Development Team can provide support with proposal coordination, templates, samples, supplemental documents, reviews, and more. Visit our website for more information.


ED Point of Contact at UCF

This point of contact is very familiar with ED  priorities/processes and can give helpful advice to increase the competitiveness of your proposal.

Megan Kellogg
Research Development Specialist II
UCF Office of Research, Research Development

Additionally, information on Office of Research points of contact related to contracts, proposal submission, compliance, tech transfer, IRB, and IACUC is available at 

Support from UCF Librarians

Citation Management

Data Management Plans

Publishing & Author Rights

STARS - Data Hosting

Support across the Research Lifecycle

Literature Review (select by subject from the list below):

General Proposal Support from Research Development Team

Now that you have found the perfect funding opportunity, let us help you build the perfect proposal. The OR Research Development team can help with planning, preparation assistance, draft review feedback, informational resources, and more! Visit our website for next steps information.

EARLIER - Support for Large, Complex Proposals with Significant Impact

A unique approach to supporting large, complex proposal submissions.

Find Potential Collaborators

Find potential collaborators via the PIVOT Database - Run a search or View tutorials

Find scholarship by ED Awardees with the Web of Knowledge View tutorial or Search now

See ED awardees using the USA Spending Database - UCF-specific  or Search all awards

The OR Research Development Team would be happy to help search for potential collaborators at UCF. Visit our website for more information.