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Funder Tool Kits: NEA


This Funder Tool Kit specifically highlights the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). It includes news, priorities, funding opportunities, and award history, as well as proposal guidance and resources. The Funder Tool Kits are a collaborative effort between the UCF Libraries and OR Research Development Team.




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FIND INFORMATION: News, Funding Opportunities, and Past Awards

NEA Strategic Plan, FY 2018-2022

NEA Facts & Figures - Includes fact sheets by discipline/field, reports, and more. 

NEA News:

NEA Informational Videos - A selection is included below. Many more available.

  • About Us - Learn about NEA's work in communities across the country.
  • Grant Process - Learn more about how NEA makes grants.
  • Creativity Connects - How arts sector and non-arts sector partnerships intersect to further common goals.

Publications - Hard copies and PDFs

NEA Budgets, Planning, and Other Resources:

NEA Podcasts

Recent Grant Announcements - Information about individual grant announcements, grants made to individuals, and review panelists.

NEA Grant Search - A searchable database of all awarded NEA grants.

NEA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Guide:

Sample NEA Application Narratives:

The OR Research Development Team maintains a library of internal/external submitted proposals and can assist with securing a sample and submitting FOIA requests. Contact Research Development for more information.

PLAN YOUR PROPOSAL: Guidance and Resources

National Endowment for the Arts Guide - the NEA Guide provides details on the programs and activities that the NEA supports, as well as funding deadlines for our various grants. 

Note: See each tab for program-specific instructions and resources.

NEA Grant Review Process

Project Budget

The OR Research Development Team can provide support with proposal coordination, templates, samples, supplemental documents, reviews, and more. Visit our website for more information.

This resource tab provides specific information on two NEA programs: 

  • Grants for Arts (see below)
  • Research: Grants in the Arts (see below)

Grants for Arts
To support the creation of art that meets the highest standards of excellence, public engagement with diverse and excellent art, lifelong learning in the arts, and the strengthening of communities through the arts. Matching grants generally range from $10,000 to $100,000. A minimum cost share/match equal to the grant amount is required.

Research: Grants in the ArtsResearch Grants in the Arts support research studies that investigate the value and/or impact of the arts, either as individual components of the U.S. arts ecology or as they interact with each other and/or with other domains of American life.

     How to Apply:

​​Challenge America
To support projects that extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations. Matching grants are for $10,000. A minimum cost share/match equal to the grant amount is required.

     Important Information:

     How to Apply:

Our Town
Our Town is the National Endowment for the Arts’ creative placemaking grants program. These grants support projects that integrate arts, culture, and design activities into efforts that strengthen communities by advancing local economic, physical, and/or social outcomes.  These projects require a partnership between a local government entity and nonprofit organization, one of which must be a cultural organization; and should engage in partnership with other sectors (such as agriculture and food, economic development, education and youth, environment and energy, health, housing, public safety, transportation, and workforce development). Cost share/matching grants range from $25,000 to $150,000, with a minimum cost share/match equal to the grant amount.


NEA Point of Contact at UCF

This point of contact is very familiar with NEA  priorities/processes and can give helpful advice to increase the competitiveness of your proposal.

Kristin Wetherbee
​Director of Research Programs/Services
College of Arts & Humanities
University of Central Florida
(407) 823-0908

Additionally, information on Office of Research points of contact related to contracts, proposal submission, compliance, tech transfer, IRB, and IACUC is available at 

Support from UCF Librarians

Citation Management

Data Management Plans

Publishing & Author Rights

STARS - Data Hosting

Support across the Research Lifecycle

Literature Review (select by subject from the list below):

General Proposal Support from Research Development Team

Now that you have found the perfect funding opportunity, let us help you build the perfect proposal. The OR Research Development team can help with planning, preparation assistance, draft review feedback, informational resources, and more! Visit our website for next steps information.

EARLIER - Support for Large, Complex Proposals with Significant Impact

A unique approach to supporting large, complex proposal submissions.

Find Potential Collaborators

Find potential collaborators with the PIVOT Database Run a search  or View tutorials

Find scholarship by NEA Awardees with the Web of Knowledge 
View tutorial or Search now

See awardees using the NEA Award Database - Search all NEA Awards

The OR Research Development Team would be happy to help search for potential collaborators at UCF.  Visit our website for more information.