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Can't find the book you are looking for in the UCF Library system? Try UBorrow, a new method to request books via interlibrary loan from other State University Libraries (like UF and FSU)! Just sign up for an InterLibrary Loan Account to get started. As you create the account, be sure & select UCF at College of Nursing at Research Park as your home campus from the pull-down menu (or if you are a Distance Student identify yourself by selecting UCF-Distance Learner under Loan Pickup Location).

When searching the UCF Library Catalog, you will see a link in the upper right hand corner that says “Show Items that you can request statewide.” Click on the link or UBorrow Icon.

That takes you to the State University Libraries Union Catalog. Locate the book you are interested in & click on either the UBorrow icon displayed on the item’s record OR the title of the book. Look at the item record.

Click UBorrow to access the login screen.

Login with your NID and NID password you created, scroll down, and click “Submit.”

After you click “Submit”, you will be notified within 7 to 10 business days that the item is available for pick-up at the College of Nursing building at Research Park (or shipped to your house for graduate distance learners). You may need your UCF ID in order to pick-up the book. The book may be returned at the library. For renewals, contact


Interlibrary Loan

InterLibrary Loan

Distance learning students may obtain both UCF and non-UCF library materials such as books, journal articles, etc. using the UCF Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service. UCF’s Interlibrary Loan Service is now using Illiad. You can sign up and request to borrow books and retrieve electronic versions of journal articles by visiting the ILL website: . If it's your first time requesting an item, then click on the link Login to ILLiad to establish your Illiad account.

When setting up your Illiad account, make sure to identify yourself as a Distance Student by selecting UCF-Distance Learner under Loan Pickup Location. This will ensure that all articles will be sent to you electronically whether the library owns them or not. When you log into the system, you will use your NID number and password.

Illiad provides forms for requesting articles, book chapters, conference papers, standards, books, microfilm and dissertations. You also can review each of your requests and track its progress towards completion. Many of the subscription databases provide direct links to the ILL article request form via the “Get Full Text” icon for those articles that are not available full text online.

Articles less than 50 pages will be sent to your ILL account electronically. The Interlibrary Loan Department notifies you by e-mail when your material is available. To pick up an item, log on to the ILL website and click on ‘Download Articles’.

Requested items such as books, videos and DVDs will be mailed directly to you. Books, videos, and DVDs can be returned to the UCF Orlando Library or a library on one of the area campuses. If you choose to mail back the material, you are responsible for the return postage. There are some restrictions. Refer to the Interlibrary Loan Frequently Asked Questions for details regarding the Interlibrary Loan service and their policies, or contact the Interlibrary Loan office email or, by phone at (407) 823-2383.

ILL Highlights

  • Use ILL to order articles that are not online
  • ILL is free and very fast
  • NEVER pay for articles; use ILL
  • PDFs of articles will be put into your ILL account
  • Use ILL to have books mailed to your house
  • When you set up your ILL account, select Distance Learner under Loan Pickup Location

Using InterLibrary Loan from UCF Databases


Using Interlibrary Loan

InterLibrary Loan

Many articles which are not available directly through our databases can be order via Interlibrary Loan. If no full text links are available, you will see a link to Show Options/Request Item that will lead to a link for Interlibrary Loan. There is no need to search the Library Catalog for a paper copy. Click on Interlibrary Loan, log in, and submit a request for the article.

Here are some simple steps:

1) If you haven’t already done so, fill out the InterLibrary Loan registration form (click on First Time Users Registration): 

2) Go to the QuickSearch, CINAHL, or other database Record.

3) Click on “Show Options/Request Item” on the left hand side.

4) Click on the  “InterLibrary Loan Service “link. The form should fill out for you after you sign in! Scroll down to the bottom and click on Submit Request.

Note: If you do not see an ILL Request option inside the database record, open your new ILL account and click on New Request -> Article/Book Chapter (on the left hand side). Cut and paste the information (Journal Title, Volume, Issue, Year, Author, Article Title, Database, etc.) from CINAHL, Medline, or Onesearch into the form.  Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Submit Request”.

5) You should receive an email within 48-72 hours that a PDF has been delivered to your ILL account. Just sign in to your InterLibrary Loan Account (Links to an external site.)  and click on Electronically Received Articles to get your article.