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Education - Government Resources: Florida Legislature

Florida Legislature

Senate Committees

  • Education Facilities Appropriations
  • Education Pre-K - 12
  • Education Pre-K - 12 Appropriations
  • Higher Education
  • Higher Education Appropriations

House Committees

  • Schools & Learning Council
    • 21st Century Competitiveness
    • Education Innovation & Career Preparation
    • K-12
    • Postsecondary Education

Florida Government Accountability Report - Education

The Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA) "examines agencies and programs to improve services and cut costs."
"The Florida Government Accountability Report provides legislators and the public with profiles of state government agencies and programs. Generally, profiles provide the following information about programs:

  • why Florida provides the program,
  • how the program is funded,
  • current issues facing the program, and
  • references to other sources of program information and assessments."

Office of Economic & Demographic Research - Conferences

  • Early Learning Programs Estimating Conference
    • Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program
    • School Readiness
  • Education Estimating Conference
    • Public Schools Enrollment
      • Public Schools Impact
    • Community Colleges Enrollment
    • Universities Enrollment
    • Post-Secondary Financial Aid