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Treaties and International Agreements: Guides to Researching Treaties

Guides to Researching Treaties

The following resources discuss the process of researching treaties; they also identify useful print and Internet resources.

Basically, you may improve the efficiency & effectiveness of your search if you determine the following information early in your research process:

  • Who?
    • Is the U.S. a party?
    • Is the treaty bilateral (two parties) or multilateral (more than two parties)?
    • Who are the parties?
  • What?
    • Do you know the title of the treaty or its popular name?
    • What is the subject of the treaty?
    • Do you need the full text of the treaty, or just information about it, such as an official citation or current status?
  • When?
    • Is the treaty very recent?
    • Is it currently in effect?
    • Do you know the date it was signed, ratified, amended, etc.?