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Treaties and International Agreements: Human Rights & Humanitarian

Human Rights & Humanitarian Treaties

Human Rights Treaties & Other Instruments (University of Minnesota)

  • Treaties & other instruments organized by SUBJECT MATTER
  • Complete list of treaties & other instruments
  • Ratification of International Human Rights Treaties by Country
  • Search these documents by KEY WORD

International Humanitarian Law - Treaties & Documents (1856+)

  • "100 treaties and other texts (These include law protecting the victims of war and law governing the conduct of hostilities, from 1856 to the present...)
  • The Commentaries on the four Geneva Conventions and their two Additional Protocols of 1977
  • The current situation regarding signatures, ratifications, accessions and successions as well as the full texts of reservations, declarations and objections made by the States with respect to international humanitarian law treaties.
  • Tables showing the States party to selected treaties"