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Treaties and International Agreements: Senate Treaty Information

Treaty Documents (

Treaty Status (Thomas, Library of Congress)

Treaty Status (Thomas, Library of Congress)

Complete coverage begins with the 94th Congress (1975). Older treaties from 90th - 93rd Congresses (1967-1974) are included if they were pending in 1975 when the database was created. Searchable by Congress, Treaty Number, Word/Phrase, Type of Treaty, and Date Transmitted to Senate.

Types of treaties include:

  • Arms Control
  • Aviation
  • Commercial
  • Consular
  • Dispute Settlement & Arbitration
  • Drugs/Illegal Substances
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Extradition & Criminal Assistance
  • Fisheries & Wildlife
  • Human Rights
  • International Law
  • International Law & Organization
  • Investment
  • Intellectual Property/Copyrights
  • Labor
  • Maritime Boundaries & Claims
  • Outer Space
  • Shipping & Marine Pollution
  • Taxation
  • Telecommunications
  • Terrorism
  • Trademarks/Patents
  • United Nations

Also provides a link to GPO for searchable lists of treaties submitted to the Senate, 104th Congress to the present (1995+), including pdf versions containing the texts of treaties.

Senate Treaty Documents and Senate Executive Reports

Senate Treaty Documents (called Senate Executive Documents until the 97th Congress, 1981) contain the text of treaties proposed by the President for ratification by the Senate.

  • Online version (1995+)
  • U.S. Documents Microfiche Y 1.1/4: (1982-current)
  • CIS Microfiche S 385- (1970+)

Senate Executive Reports contain the analyses and recommendations of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

  • Online version (1995+)
  • U.S. Documents Microfiche Y 1.1/6: (1987-current)
  • CIS Microfiche S 384- (1970+)

Other Treaty Resources of the U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate - Legislation & Records - Treaties

  • Treaties Received - "identifies treaties received from the President during the current Congress as well as the committee referral actions taken."
  • Treaties Approved - "identifies treaties that were approved by the Senate during the current Congress."
  • Treaties Actions - "identifies treaties that have had Senate floor status actions (other than simply actions pertaining to treaties received and referred) during the current Congress."
  • Treaties Reported - "identifies treaties reported out by the Foreign Relations committee, placed on the Executive Calendar with a sequentially assigned calendar number, and that are ready for Senate floor consideration."

U.S. Senate - Art & History - Origins & Development - Powers & Procedures - Treaties

  • Chapter 1: Treaties
  • Chapter 2: Precedents, Negotiators, Bipartisanship
  • Chapter 3: Senate Options
  • Chapter 4: Executive Agreements, Treaty Termination, Status as Law
  • Chapter 5: Rejected Treaties

U.S. Senate - Reference - Virtual Reference Desk - Treaties

The Senate's Role in the Treaty Process

  • Status of Senate Action on Treaties in the Current Congress
  • Senate Consideration of Treaties
  • Treaties & Other International Agreements: The Role of the Senate

Historic Treaty Debates

  • Uproar Over Senate Treaty Approval, June 24, 1795
  • Woodrow Wilson Addresses the Senate, July 10, 1919
  • A Bitter Rejection, November 19, 1919