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NGR 6801 - Research Methods: From a citation

Citation Example

Blankety, B. (2008). A research study to determine whether nursing students are stressed. Journal of Important Nursing Research, 24, 321-325.


From a link in WebCourses

Sometimes your professor will place a link to an article in your WebCourse.

You'll see a very long URL.

Copy and paste the link into a new browser and hit enter.

Log into the library.

You should see the record of the article in a database, like Cinahl.

Look for a PDF or the Full Text icon.

The PDF will take you directly to the article.

The Get Full Text icon will show options to get the article from another publisher or database that the library buys.

Click on the red GO.

Find the PDF or HTML for the article.

Finding Online Journal Articles

There are several ways to find an article online from the citation. All are equally viable.

Option 1: Use a database, like OneSearch

From the library home page (, use the search box under OneSearch.

Copy and paste the title of the article into the search box and click Search. If you do not see the article in the results list, you may need to add the author's last name or the journal title into the search box and search again.

Use the available links (PDF, Linked Full Text, or Get Full Text) to link to the full article.

Option 2: Use Online Journals

From the library home page, click on Online Journals.

Type in the name of the journal, and then click on the journal title.

Enter the citation information for the article (year, volume, issue, and first page) into the available boxes. If you have more than one option listed, look for the option that contains the year of the article you need.

On the next screen look for the full text or PDF of the article.

Option 3: Use Google Scholar

Go to

Make sure to set up Google Scholar to link to the UCF library. To do this, click on Scholar Preferences.

In the box for Library Links, type in University of Central Florida, and then select the box for the UCF Libraries.

Click on Settings, then Library Links. Type "University of Central Florida" and select the UCF Library. Then Save Preferences.

Then search for the title of the article you need in the Google Scholar search box.

If the article you need appears, look for a link to the PDF or use the Full Text @ UCF link to get to the complete article.

If the article you need is not online at all, order the article using Interlibrary Loan! It's fast, it's free!

And remember, you can always ASK A LIBRARIAN for help!

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