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NGR 6801 - Research Methods: 3. Health Source

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

General Information:

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition provides abstracts and indexing for close to 850 journals focusing on many medical disciplines.  Includes the full-text to nearly 550 scholarly journals including the Journal of Advanced Nursing, Journal of Clinical Nursing, Journal of Community Health Nursing, Journal of Nursing Management, Nursing Ethics, and other nursing and allied health titles.

Search Tips:

Use Boolean search operators AND, OR, or NOT to link your search words together.

If you enter a phrase, it will be searched with AND: (heart failure = heart AND failure). If you check the ‘Boolean/Phrase’ search mode below the search boxes, the words will be searched as a phrase (words adjacent to each other). Enclosing a phrase in quotes will also make the database search the words adjacent to each other.

Use the * symbol to truncate your search terms (retrieve various endings of a root word). For example, typing nurs* as a search term will search for nurse, nurses, nursing, etc.

You can expand your search by checking the boxes to search for related terms and searching within the full text of articles.

Click on the "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Articles" option if you only want to locate scholarly journals.

You can also limit your search to articles with images (Image Quick View); Cover Stories; Number of Pages; Date and Journal Title.

Click on the "Full-Text" option if you are only interested in finding full-text articles (complete articles that will be available to you online). Remember that clicking on full-text may exclude citations where full-text is available in another database (one not provided by EbscoHost) that can be identified by clicking on 'Get Full Text'.

Refer to the tabs at the top to search for subject terms, access the Medical Dictionary, and review a list of the publications with information regarding full text availability.

Results Screen

Click on the title to view the full citation including but not limited to the abstract, volume and issue number, links to relevant subject headings, etc.

Place your mouse over the Preview icon (looks like a magnifying glass over a sheet of paper) to quickly view the Abstract.

You can email articles to yourself. Either click on the Add to Folder link and email the folder of articles or click on the "E-mail" icon at the top of the full-text article you are viewing to e-mail a single article.

Click on the “Get Full Text” icon to locate the full text of the article online if a full text link (such as ‘Linked Full text’ or PDF Full Text) is not apparent.

For More Help:

For tips on how to search in Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, click on the blue question mark located to the right of the search button. Consult the ‘Help’ link in the upper right hand corner for in-depth search help tutorials.

You may also seek assistance from the Ask a Librarian service A toll free phone number is available. Feel free to email the UCF Librarians via course mail for more help.