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Nursing - Cocoa: NUR 3825 Practice

Practice Exercise 1 - eBooks


  • Go to the OneSearch advanced search (log in at the prompt)
  • Try a search for (transcultural or cultur* or access*) AND (Haiti*) AND (nursing or medical or health* or care) like so:

Tip: using the asterisk * at the end of a root word will search for variations of the term like culture, cultures, and cultural at the same time

  • You can limit by Source Type (i.e.- article, eBook, etc.) and date in the left hand column. Ebook. If you don’t see eBook listed under Source Type, click on ‘Show More.’
  • If you don’t see many results on your topic, try changing the field to ‘Tx All Text’


  • You can also limit to Geographic location – United States in the left hand column if needed.

Practice Exercise 2 (Finding Nursing Research Articles in CINAHL)

Find a nursing research article related to prostate cancer screening in CINAHL using Subject Headings and other limiters.


From the CINAHL Advanced Search screen, type prostate cancer in the first box.

Check the Suggest Subject Terms box. (Using a thesaurus such as CINAHL Headings will help you find the most precise term for a particular word. Each article record in CINAHL is tagged with specific Subject Headings that may stand for other terms.)

Click Search. The CINAHL Headings screen should appear. Look on the first line.

3. Which of the following is the correct subject heading for prostate cancer?

           a. Prostate cancer      c. Prostatic Neoplasms

b. Prostatic tumors 

     d. Prostatic Cancer 

Check the box next to Prostatic Neoplasms. On the right hand side, click on Search Database.

The results screen should display. Click on Advanced search (underneath the Search Boxes).

In the second search box, type Screening(Tip: Leaving the field on the right hand side as 'Select A Field' searches for the term in the Title, Abstract, Subject Headings, and Author fields simultaneously)

Scroll down under ‘Limit Your Results’ and check the ‘Peer Reviewed’ box.

Check the box next to ‘Research Article’ to limit to research studies.  (You can also do this by typing research in one of the search boxes and changing the field on the right hand side to PT Publication Type).        


Change the ‘Journal Subset’ to Nursing. (Rationale: this will limit your results to articles published in nursing journals.)

Click Search.

You should get approximately 82 results.

Find the article “Barriers and Facilitators of Prostate Cancer Screening Among Filipino Men in Hawaii.” Click on the title (blue hyperlink) to see the article record.

Scroll down to Major Subjects. Notice that Prostatic Neoplasms is listed as a subject heading for this article. Also, the term "screening" is listed in a different subject heading. Since we entered each term on separate lines in the advanced search screeen, this article was included in the results.

Notice options to print, email, and cite this article (right-hand side panel).

Click on 'New Search' in the upper left hand corner (Top Blue Bar). Continue to Part B.

Practice Exercise 3 - (Medline)


From the UCF Library homepage , click on “Articles & Databases”. Type in your 14-digit activated library ID number in the off-campus access box and click on LOGIN. Answer “yes” to the Security Alert question.

Click on ‘M’ in the alphabetical line under the “Successfully logged in” text.

Select ‘Medline-Ebscohost’.

Put the phrase breast cancer and pain or discomfort in the top row of search boxes.

Type study in the second line (including the parentheses) and change the field to ‘Abstract'.

Click 'Search’.

Click on Show More on the left hand side (under Refine Your Results).

Scroll down under 'Limit your results' and check the ‘English Language’ box.   

Under ‘Journal & Citation Subset’, select ‘Nursing’.

Click 'Search’.

4. How many articles did you find?

a. More than 400

b. 151 - 400

c. 50 - 150

d. Less than 50

Go back to the search box.

Put parentheses around the phrase pain or discomfort so the search string looks like this: breast cancer and (pain or discomfort).

Rationale: this will search for articles that contain the first term (breast cancer) plus either of the last two terms (pain or discomfort). Hint: You can do the same thing without parentheses by putting breast cancer in the top search box and pain or discomfort on the second line. 

Click Search.

5. How many articles did you find?

a. More than 400

b. 151 - 400

c. 50 - 150

d. Less than 50

Scroll down and find the article “Dance and movement program improves quality-of-life measures in breast cancer survivors” (2005) by Sandel et al.

Click on the article title to view the article record.

Scroll down to MeSH Terms (directly above the abstract).

6. Which is not one of the subject headings assigned to this article?

a. Breast Neoplasms/*therapy

b. Cancer

c. Exercise Therapy*

d. Quality of Life*

To view the full text, click on the Get Full Text   link. Next, click on Ovid Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Total Access Collection 2009 to view the full article. To download the article from Ovid, click on 'Article as PDF (372KB)' on the right hand side of the screen.

Exit when finished.

Practice Exercise Answers

Practice Exercise Answers

1) b. The Heart of Suffering, Mourning, and Healing in the Jewish Spiritual Culture: A Mother’s Story

2) b. 129 & d. 146

3) c. Prostatic Neoplasms

4) a. More than 400

5) c. 50 – 150

6) b. Cancer