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It is recommended that an attorney be consulted when an interpretation of the law is needed. UCF library staff are not able to provide any legal advice. Patent Assistance Information

UCF Patents

Provided by Tech Transfer Central in conjunction with FreePatentsOnline, a list of all patents and patent applications from University of Central Florida

U.S. Patents

USPTO Patent Tools and Links

  • Public Pair and Global Dossier provide all application materials and correspondence between the patent applicant (or their legal counsel) and the examiner.
  • Can't find a particular number?  Check the Withdrawn Patent Numbers to see if your number was never used for an issued patent.

Google Patents

  • An important source of historical and genealogical patent information
  • Search U.S. patents full text from 1790
  • Note: OCR text has significant errors and omissions, but does allow free search of much text back to 1836.  UCF affiliates can use better OCR in LexisNexis Academic (Source Directory: Browse / Intellectual Property Records / Patent Filings / U.S. Patents, European Patents, Patent Abstracts of Japan, PCT Patents, and U.K. Patents)
  • Classification search - uspclass: For the new Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) use Espacenet

International searching

Patents by Country