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It is recommended that an attorney be consulted when an interpretation of the law is needed. UCF library staff are not able to provide any legal advice. Patent Assistance Information

Patent Basics

Provisional Application for Patents

Brochures/Guides for Filing Patent Applications

Additional Application Forms

Patent Electronic Business Center

The Electronic Business Center (EBC) assists patrons with the submission of their application and review of the patent application in Public and Private PAIR.  Click HERE for further information.

Use "PAIR Bulk Data" to search and download large sets of data from publicly available patent applications.

Roster of Patent Attorneys and Agents

The USPTO maintains a roster of patent agents and attorneys who are authorized to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  You may use their database (search or download) to obtain the most current information on practitioners in your city, county or zip code.

Inventor's Assistance Center

The Inventors Assistance Center (IAC) answers questions concerning patent examining policy and procedure by former Supervisory Patent Examiners and experienced Primary Examiners.

How to Contact the IAC

  • Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM (ET), except federal holidays
  • Toll-free:  800-PTO-9199 (800-786-9199)
  • Local:  571-272-1000
  • TDD/TTY customers can dial 800-877-8339 for customer assistance

USPTO Home Page

If you need to browse the different resources for the USPTO, CLICK HERE