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DemographicsNow Library Edition

provides descriptions of data available in the database

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Rank Reports

Rank up to 1,000 geographic locations.

  • Rank by Age
  • Rank by Business
  • Rank by Consumer Expenditure Potential
  • Rank by Financials
  • Rank by Growth
  • Rank by Income
  • Rank by MOSAIC Distribution
  • Rank by Population
  • Rank by Race
  • Rank by Retail Potential
  • US Census 2010 Rank by Population

Tips for Rank Reports


Thematic Controls

  • Age by Race by Sex
  • Basic Variables
  • Consumer Expenditures
  • Geographic Identifiers
  • Housing Units
  • Income by Age of Head of Household
  • Occupation and Employment
  • WFS - Core Variables


Comparison & Summary Reports

Create comparison reports of up to 16 selected geographic locations or summary reports aggregating the data for all selected geographic locations.