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provides descriptions of data available in the database

Mosaic Household Chart Summary

Current Year Estimates

Demographic Overview

  • Total Population
  • % Male Population
  • % Female Population
  • Median Age
  • Population Density
  • Total Households
  • Average Household Size
  • Household Growth
  • Median Income
  • Per Capita Income
  • Average Household Income
  • Employees
  • Establishments
  • Owner Occupied Housing Units
  • Renter Occupied Housing Units
  • Vacant Housing Units

Chart of Mosaic Groups by Number of Households

Ranked List of Mosaic Groups by Number of Households and Percent of Total Households

Mosaic Household Index Summary

Current Year Estimates

List of 71 Segments, Clustered by Groups with Subtotals

  • Number of Households
  • Percentage of Total Households
  • Index for Each Segment & Cluster Compared with Entire US Index=100

Mosaic Population Index Summary

Current Year Estimates

List of 71 Segments, Clustered by Groups with Subtotals

  • Number of Population
  • Percentage of Total Population
  • Index for Each Segment & Cluster Compared with Entire US Index=100

Mosaic Groups and Segments

See the "Mosaic USA Details" files in the Help section of the database for detailed profiles of each segment.

Mosaic USA Methodology - - 71 Segment System (Applied Geographic Solutions)

Name of Group / Segment
A Power Elite -- The wealthiest households in the US, living in the most exclusive neighborhoods, and enjoying all that life has to offer
A01 American Royalty
A02 Platinum Prosperity
A03 Kids and Cabernet
A04 Picture Perfect Families
A05 Couples with Clout
A06 Jet Set Urbanites
B Flourishing Families -- Affluent, middle-aged families and couples earning prosperous incomes and living very comfortable, active lifestyles
B07 Generational Soup
B08 Babies and Bliss
B09 Family Fun-tastic
B10 Asian Achievers
C Booming with Confidence -- Prosperous, established couples in their peak earning years living in suburban homes
C11 Aging of Aquarius
C12 Golf Carts and Gourmets
C13 Silver Sophisticates
C14 Boomers and Boomerangs
D Suburban Style -- Middle-aged, ethnically-mixed suburban families and couples earning upscale incomes
D15 Sports Utility Families
D16 Settled in Suburbia
D17 Cul de Sac Diversity
D18 Soulful Spenders
E Thriving Boomers -- Upper-middle-class baby boomer-age couples living comfortable lifestyles settled in town and exurban homes
E19 Full Pockets, Empty Nests
E20 No Place Like Home
E21 Unspoiled Splendor
F Promising Families -- Young couples with children in starter homes living child-centered lifestyles
F22 Fast Track Couples
F23 Families Matter Most
G Young, City Solos -- Younger and middle-aged singles living active and energetic lifestyles in metropolitan areas
G24 Status Seeking Singles
G25 Urban Edge
H Middle-class Melting Pot -- Mid-scale, middle-aged and established couples living in suburban and fringe homes
H26 Progressive Potpourri
H27 Birkenstocks and Beemers
H28 Everyday Moderates
H29 Destination Recreation
I Family Union -- Mid-scale, middle-aged and somewhat ethnically-diverse families living in homes supported by solid blue-collar occupations
I30 Stockcars and State Parks
I31 Blue Collar Comfort
I32 Latin Flair
I33 Hispanic Harmony
J Autumn Years -- Established, ethnically-diverse and mature couples living gratified lifestyles in older homes
J34 Aging in Place
J35 Rural Escape
J36 Settled and Sensible
K Significant Singles -- Middle-aged singles and some couples earning mid-scale incomes supporting active city styles of living
K37 Wired for Success
K38 Gotham Blend
K39 Metro Fusion
K40 Bohemian Groove
L Blue Sky Boomers -- Lower- and middle-class baby boomer-aged households living in small towns
L41 Booming and Consuming
L42 Rooted Flower Power
L43 Homemade Happiness
M Families in Motion -- Younger, working-class families earning moderate incomes in smaller residential communities
M44 Red, White and Bluegrass
M45 Diapers and Debit Cards
N Pastoral Pride -- Eclectic mix of lower middle-class widowed and divorced individuals and couples who have settled in country and small town areas
N46 True Grit Americans
N47 Countrified Pragmatics
N48 Gospel and Grits
N49 Work Hard, Pray Hard
O Singles and Starters -- Young singles starting out, and some starter families, in diverse urban communities
O50 Full Steam Ahead
O51 Digital Dependents
O52 Urban Ambition
O53 Colleges and Cafes
O54 Striving Single Scene
O55 Family Troopers
P Cultural Connections -- Diverse, mid- and low-income families in urban apartments and residences
P56 Rolling the Dice
P57 Meager Metro Means
P58 Fragile Families
P59 Nuevo Horizons
P60 Ciudad Strivers
P61 Humble Beginnings
Q Golden Year Guardians -- Retirees living in settled residences and communities
Q62 Reaping Rewards
Q63 Footloose and Family Free
Q64 Town Elders
Q65 Senior Discounts
R Aspirational Fusion -- Multi-cultural, low-income singles and single parents living in urban locations and striving to make a better life
R66 Dare to Dream
R67 Hope for Tomorrow
S Struggling Societies -- Economically challenged mix of singles, divorced and widowed individuals in smaller cities and urban areas looking to make ends meet
S68 Small Town Shallow Pockets
S69 Soul Survivors
S70 Enduring Hardships
S71 Hard Times