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Startup Library Research Guide: Trade Publications

Trade Publications

Trade journals, magazines, and newspapers are excellent sources for the latest business news and trends, and can sometimes be the only source for private company information.

Trade journals in particular focus on one industry and provide in-depth information on trends, new products and other topics of interest to people working in that industry.


Trade Publications in Library Databases

Tips: Select "Trade Journals" under "Source Type".

Tips: Select "Trade Publication" under "Publication Type".

Trade Publications in Open Web

- Often a Google search with a relevant keyword or two and a term like "association" or "magazine" can turn up some good results. 

A Guide for Industry News and Trade Magazines

Credit to Ms. Robert Tipton, Business Librarian at Rutgers University, who has complied this industry news sources and trade magazine titles guide. The sources and titles are organized by two digit NAICS sector numbers.