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International Business: Countries & Regions

OECD Economic Surveys & Outlook

International Reference Service, 1941-1950

Country Reports from Business Source Premier

Business Monitor International

  • Regional Monitors -- "Political & economic analysis with specific asset class forecasts for over 64 emerging markets globally. How portfolio managers are investing in the emerging markets & financing & credit record."
  • Business Forecast Reports for specific countries -- "Contains detailed forecast covering political risk, economic outlook & industry performance, set against global economic trends"

CountryWatch Incorporated

  • Country Reviews -- "Includes geographical, political, economic, corporate, & environmental information"

Going Global

  • Career Guides -- provide information for specific countries about employment trends & opportunities, financial considerations, interviewing advice, job application guidelines, job search resources, and work permits & visas"

Icon Group International, Inc. (no longer included?)

  • Economic Studies -- "helps executives evaluate strategic investments in [each country]... The methodology decomposes a country’s strategic potential along two key dimensions: (1) latent demand, and (2) trade indicators."
  • Economic Competitiveness -- Financial Returns, Labor Productivity, and International Gaps

IHS Global Insight, Inc.

  • Country Monitor -- "In-depth economic analysis and detailed information. Reports analyze financial markets, political development, and investment opportunities. Forecasts and risks in the economy are evaluated."

MarketLine, a Datamonitor business

  • Country Profiles -- "presents analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental (PESTLE) aspects based on the country's strengths, challenges, and risks"

OECD: Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development

PRS Group, Inc.

  • Political Risk Yearbook: Country Reports

Superintendent of Documents

  • Background Notes on Countries of the World -- see also Background Notes (U.S. State Department)

Resources about Countries and Regions of the World

See also Foreign & International Government Information & Related Resources and Resources for Statistics, Demographics & Census for other resources about the demographics and cultures of countries, including links for Country Studies and CIA World Factbook.

Business Source Premier - select "Enhanced Business Searching Interface"
and then Browse: Country Reports

browse by country or region to retrieve country reports from Business Monitor, CountryWatch, Datamonitor, EIU, Global Insight, Going Global, Icon Group, OECD, PRS Group, and Superintendent of Documents.

LexisNexis Academic - Country Profiles

  • PRS Group International Country Risk Guide (1989+) - for each of 128 countries "provides a detailed country-by-country breakdown of the comparative risks of operating in, investing or lending to particular countries using a three-dimensional evaluation system that weighs the composite risk and identifies the disaggregated political, financial and economic risks by indicator."
  • PRS Group Political Risk Service(1987+) - "presents accurate and rigorous analysis of present and future political and economic conditions in the 85 countries most important to international business. The reports are invaluable in planning for changes in government and essential in making decisions about upcoming projects. Reports can be used to develop market currency values, assess political risk insurance and foreign credit risk, capital investment and corporate security. Reports follow a standardized format:
    • Executive summary - includes 18-month and 5-year forecasts based on political, economic, demographic and social data.
    • Background - reviews geographical details, territorial and maritime disputes, social and economic conditions, power structures and climate for business.
    • Comprehensive forecasts - covers regime stability, political turmoil, international investment restrictions, trade restrictions and economic policies."

MarketLine Business Information Center (MBIC)