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International Business: Key Periodicals

Key Periodicals

The following selected periodicals are some of those covering international business topics. Please note, however, that many other periodicals not listed here will contain articles about some aspect of international business; thus, the need to consult a periodical database or index. Current print issues of periodicals to which the Libraries subscribe are arranged by title on the third floor; print back issues are shelved in the general collection by call number, while microform back issues are arranged by call number on the third floor.

Economist -- Weekly news magazine covering world leaders, United States, The Americas, Asia, Middle East & Africa, Europe, Britain, International, global business, finance & economics, science & technology, and books & arts.

Euromoney -- Monthly news magazine covering international banking and capital markets.

Far Eastern Economic Review -- Monthly (except Feb & Aug) opinion journal which "provides an Asia-focused forum for independent thought on the trends in economy, politics and society that impact the region." The Review Archives can be used to identify articles 1946+, the full text of which may be obtained through Interlibrary Loan.

  • Online version (1987+)
  • Microfiche HC 411 .F18 (1992-2004)
  • General Collection HC 411 .F18 (2004+)

Financial Times -- "A daily international newspaper and web site providing extensive news, comment and analysis on business, finance, and related topics for executives in global business." The online index can be used to identify articles 1988-1994, the full text of which may be obtained through Interlibrary Loan.

Journal of World Business -- Quarterly journal covering "problems facing the global manager in four areas: human resource management, leadership, marketing, and strategic management."

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (United Nations) -- "presents current economic and social statistics for more than 200 countries and territories of the world. It contains over 50 tables of monthly and/or annual and quarterly data on a variety of subjects illustrating important economic trends and developments, including population, prices, employment and earnings, energy, manufacturing, transport, construction, international merchandise trade and finance."

  • Index HG 1 .W26 (1958+)
  • Online version (1996+)
  • General Collection HD 72 .W67 (1986-1987; 1990+)
  • OECD Economic Outlook -- "the OECD's twice-yearly assessment of the economy. Released in May and November of each year, it comprises a general assessment, written by the OECD's Chief Economist, a series of short, concise reviews on each member country, some reviews on key non-member economies, a set of thematic chapters focusing on topical economic issues, and a renowned statistical annex."

    OECD Observer -- Monthly magazine "presents concise, up-to-date and authoritative analysis of world economic, social and environmental issues."

    Wall Street Journal -- The U.S. financial newspaper of record offering in-depth coverage of national and international finance as well as first rate coverage of hard news.

    Wall Street Journal Index -- Issued in two parts: corporate news and general news. The annual cumulation of the general news section also includes lists of the daily Dow Jones averages for the year.

    World Bank Research Observer -- "seeks to inform non-specialist readers about research being undertaken within the Bank and outside the Bank in areas of economics relevant for development policy. Requiring only a minimal background in economic analysis, its surveys and overviews of key issues in development economics research are intended for policymakers, project officers, journalists keeping up to date, and teachers and students of development economics and related disciplines."