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International Business: Financial Markets

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World Federation of Exchanges

  • Annual Statistics provide "an overview of the various market segments from the Share and Debt markets to the Parallel, 'New' markets, as well as the Derivatives markets. A series of ratios (PER, Dividend yield, total return, % of market capitalization compared with GDP, etc…) are also presented, allowing for a more detailed approach of markets. Finally, a section describes the evolution of the main market data for emerging markets."
  • Monthly Statistics "present for each month of the year the price index levels at month-end, the share and bond turnovers in value, the market capitalization, the number of listed companies, as well as volatility and turnover ratios."
  • Time Series "present since 1990 the above indicators in addition to the market capitalization of bonds, the PER and dividend yield ratios."

Books about Financial Markets