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2012 Economic Census

"The Economic Census profiles American business every 5 years, from the national to the local level."

All 2012 data is available in American FactFinder.

All of the basic Florida data sets were released as follows:

What reports were released in 2011?

  • Survey of Business Owners (Black, American Indian & Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiians & Other Pacific Islanders, Minority, Characteristics of Businesses & Business Owners, Veteran-Owned)
  • Core Business Statistics (Franchising, 2007-2002 NAICS Bridge, Comparative Statistics)
  • County Business Patterns (2009 Counties, Metropolitan Areas, ZIP Codes)
  • Utilities; Transportation & Warehousing; Finance & Insurance; Real Estate & Rental Leasing -- Miscellaneous Subjects
  • Services -- Miscellaneous Subjects
  • Retail Trade -- ZIP Codes Statistics
  • Nonemployer Statistics -- 2009
  • Annual Survey of Manufactures -- 2010