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Business & Economics -- Government Resources: Statistics of Income - Corporations

Statistics of Income - Corporations

Statistics of Income - Corporations

  • Online version (1994+)
  • Online version (2000+, Corporation Source Book)
  • Online version (1916-1937, Statistics of Income)
  • U.S. Documents T 22.35/5-2: (1982+, Corporation Source Book)
  • U.S. Documents T 22.35/5: (1982-2001, Corporation Income Tax Returns)
  • U.S. Documents T 22.35/2: C81/ (1960-1981, Corporation Income Tax Returns)

"The Corporation Complete Report Publication is a collection of aggregate statistics which have been sorted in various ways such as Industry, Size of Total Assets, and Size of Business Receipts."

"The Corporation Source Book presents balance sheet, income statement, tax, and other selected items by size of total assets for all returns with and without net income. Statistical tables are available by industrial sectors, major groups within a sector, and minor industries within a major group."