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Local Employment Dynamics

"Community Economic Development (CED) HotReport: provides community and business leaders speedy access to information tailored to economic development decision-making. The CED HotReport is a free, easy to use portal to instantly obtain a multi-faceted view of local and regional conditions using graphs, maps, tables and dynamic text. Topics include the economy, transportation, housing, schools, top industries, occupations, and more."

"QWI Online: Select and find out about NAICS-based or SIC-based Quarterly Workforce Indicators by state, geographic grouping, industry, year and quarter, sex, age group, and ownership. Also includes net job gains and losses from 2007Q4 onward."

"OnTheMap: An online mapping and reporting application showing where workers are employed and where they live with companion reports on worker characteristics and optional filtering by age, earnings, or industry groups."

"Industry Focus: This tool lets you determine the top industries for your local area and your local workers, focus in on a particular industry to see how it ranks among top industries, and also look at the characteristics of those who work in that industry."

"e-Learning Modules: These stand-alone e-learning modules, released on a flow basis, have been developed to tell and illustrate use of the LED Web site, QWI Online, Industry Focus and OnTheMap. Each module is about 10 minutes long and features voice-over and animation to display the features of a particular analytic tool, using a relevant scenario."

Florida Small Business Development Center Network