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Indexing of Federal Reserve Publications

Fed in Print - "A comprehensive index to Federal Reserve economic research", including indexing of the Federal Reserve Bulletin from 1936+, with indexing of publications from the individual Federal Reserve Banks beginning in the 1970's and 1980's.

PAIS International - provides indexing of the Federal Reserve Bulletin from 1917+

Publications of the Federal Reserve Banks

Federal Reserve Publications

Current Economic Conditions (Beige Book) - "Commonly known as the Beige Book, this report is published eight times per year. Each Federal Reserve Bank gathers anecdotal information on current economic conditions in its District through reports from Bank and Branch directors and interviews with key business contacts, economists, market experts, and other sources. The Beige Book summarizes this information by District and sector. An overall summary of the twelve district reports is prepared by a designated Federal Reserve Bank on a rotating basis."

Federal Reserve Bulletin "was introduced in 1914 as a vehicle to present policy issues developed by the Federal Reserve Board. ...includes topical research articles, legal developments, Report on the Condition of the U.S. Banking Industry, and other general information."

Statistical Supplement - "The tables that appeared in the Financial and Business Statistics section of the Bulletin before 2004 are now published monthly as a separate print publication titled Statistical Supplement to the Federal Reserve Bulletin."